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Great Service

Great and fast response to my questions and a fair price on the product!

Love My Purseket

I was real skeptical about ordering the Purseket Organizer. Now, I am so glad that I did. I can finally find things in my purse without rummaging...

Clipa is a winner!

The Clipa works just as described. I bought the plain one for myself and crystal ones as gifts. The gifts were a hit! The picture on the website does...

Purse to go-extra pockets x-tra jumbo

I just received purse to go extra pockets in extra jumbo size. I got it for my delightful mm. I can't believe how much you can put in it and it keeps...


Just got the Pursfection expandable purse organizer for my medium sized Coach bag. Everything in my purse is now organized and easily visible. I also...

Bag-a-Vie Size Chart

Bag-a-vie different sizes

Below is a list of some of today's most popular bags and the recommended Bag-a-Vie insert. They are great for MANY more styles and brands not listed below. If you don't see your bag below, just Contact Us and we'll be glad to help you find your perfect fit!

Mini (4.5" x 9")

Chanel Timeless clutch
Chanel M/L classic flap
Chanel small classic flap
Chanel PST (use 2 horizontally stacked for that structured look)
Chanel E/W small flap
Chanel Reissue 226 size
Chanel Halfmoon WOC
Chanel Boy Medium
Christian Dior Diorling
Hermes Toolbox 20cm
Plus many more...don't see your bag listed, just ask

Petite (5.5" x 12")

Chanel GST (use two, one in each compartment - when GST is new -once creased, use 2 MEDI)
Chanel Jumbo
Chanel reissue (227 size)
Chanel small DST
Chanel Medium Cambon Bowlerhermes-group-1200.jpg
Chanel small Summer's Night Dream (sequin tote)
Chanel Petals jumbo (one in middle compartment or 2 in outer)
Chanel Medallion tote
Chanel Small Sequin Tote
Chanel Medium JM - 1 flat in the middle compartment
Christian Dior Lady - 2
Hermes 32 cm. Kelly (lay flat on bottom or use 2 side by side/stacked alternating)
Hermes 30 cm. Birkin (lay flat on bottom or use 2 side by side/stacked alternating)
Hermes Lindy 26cm
Louis Vuitton 25 Speedy
Louis Vuitton Totally PM - 1 flat on base
Plus many more...don't see your bag listed, just ask

Medi (7.5" x 14")

Balenciaga City (1 or 2 stacked or side by side)
Balenciaga Twiggy
Balenciaga Velo (plus 1 petite)
Celine Sm. Trapeze - (1 MEDI Flat and 1 PETITE flat on top)
Celine Mini Luggage (use 2 stacked or side by side)
Chanel Maxi
Chanel large Camera bag
Chanel large Cambon tote - 2 side by side or stackedceline-group-1200.jpg
Chanel Cerf tote (2 stacked horizontally or side by side)
Chanel Vintage XL jumbo
Chanel Puzzle tote
Chanel Cabas (2 stacked)
Chanel In the Biz Maxi
Chanel large Glitter tote (2 horizontally stacked)
Chanel large Ultimate soft (2 stacked)
Chanel Chain Me Small Tote
Chanel Vintage Tote (2 flat stacked)
Chanel GST (use two, one in each compartment - when GST is older and has creasing/sag)
Chloe medium Paraty + 1 petite if desired
Fendi Peek-a-Boo (2 - side by side)
Gucci Sukey
Hermes Picotin MM - 1 flat or 2 arched
Hermes 35 cm. Birkin (2 vertically side-by-side or horizontally stacked - best to alternate from time to time)
Hermes Birkin 40cm - 3 side by side
Hermes SO Kelly
Jimmy Choo Mahala - 2 stacked
Louis Vuitton Neo (flat on bottom)
Louis Vuitton Trevi PM (1 flat to secure base)
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 - 1 Medi and 1 Petite stacked
Louis Vuitton Rosewood - 1 flat
Louis Vuitton MM Artsy - 2, 1 flat on base, 2nd sideways
Louis Vuitton 30 cm. Speedy (2 MEDI flat to support base +1 PETITE if desired)
Louis Vuitton Sistine GM - 2
Louis Vuitton Alma GM
Louis Vuitton Locket - 2
Louis Vuitton Alma PM - 1 flat on base
Louis Vuitton Luminese PM - 2
Prada tote (1786) - 2
YSL Large Downtown - 3 stacked

Grande (11" x 14")

Balenciaga Day Bag
Bottega Veneta medium Cabat (sides in)
Bottega Veneta mini Cabat (sides out)
Celine Phantom - 2
Chanel modern tote (N/S style)
Chanel Chain Around Maxi Flap
Chanel Timeless Tote
Chanel Timeless Tote
Goyard XL Tote (2)
Goyard small tote (2 side-by-side)
Hermes Birkin 40cm (2 side by side for softer leather, can use 3 side by side or stacked)
Hermes Garden Party (2)
Hermes Picotin GM
Louis Vuitton Arsty MM
Louis Vuitton large Neverfull (2 side-by-side)

Plus many more...don't see your bag listed, just ask