Frequently asked questions

General Questions:

Q: How long does it take until I receive my order?
We usually ship within a day or two of receiving your order, but we may occasionally be out of stock on an item and may need more time.  We will let you know if that is the case.  Special order items (like the collegiate Finders Key Purse) or custom items (like the Custom Swarovski Crystal Clipas) usually ship in approx. 2 weeks.    All orders that include free shipping are shipped 1st class mail, so you will usually get them within 4-5 days of ordering if you're in the US.  First Class mail is not a guaranteed service - it may take longer than 5 days to receive your item. 

International orders take about 10 business days to reach you depending on what country you're in. Your country's Customs Office plays a big part in how long a package takes to get to you.

Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service.  The guideline is 2-3 days, however, there are times when it takes longer.  We have no control over this and we pay the USPS the same amount that we charge for Priority Mail - no refunds are given if you don't receive the item in 2-3 days. 

Express Mail is guaranteed 1-2 days depending on your zip-code and other factors.  This means that you can still be disappointed by not receiving the item in time, but the post office will refund the shipping charge on Express Mail packages. If I'm successful in receiving the refund on your order then I will issue a credit back to your account for the shipping cost only

Q: Delivery Confirmation shows my order was delivered but I didn't get it, now what?
This does happen on rare occasions and it's always upsetting to both us and the customer.  The mail carrier will typically leave packages if you're not home to receive them unless you've ordered signature confirmation and/or insurance.  If you live in an area where packages sometimes disappear please use our special instructions box to ask us to leave a note for your mail carrier to not leave the package if you're not at home.  It isn't guaranteed that they'll follow those instructions unless you pay extra for signature confirmation, but it may help.  Please understand that we can't be responsible for packages that show they were delivered but that you didn't receive, unless we've sent it to the wrong address (and you provided the correct address).   Anything that happens to your package after we mail it is out of our control.   There is also nothing we can do to locate your item once the post office shows it was delivered. 

Q: I want to order 5 of an item but it says that there are only 3 available - should I continue with my order?
Yes, please go ahead and place your order, but make sure we have the correct information to contact you, and please add us to your e-mail safe list.  Chances are good that we already have more of what you need on the way.  Sometimes the manufacturer has discontinued an item and if that is the case we'll get in touch to let you know.  We always send a confirmation e-mail so you'll know within 24 hours when your order will ship.  If it's close to the time that you need the items please give us a call at 727-231-5567 and we can let you know whether or not we're expecting more of the item and when we expect it.

Q: What if I don't like what I purchased?
We understand that it's difficult to purchase items based on photos and descriptions alone.  If you are not happy please let us know within 10 days.  You will need to send the item back (you will have to pay for the return shipping), and we can either issue a refund or offer you an exchange. *** All items returned, whether for exchange or refund, are subject to a 15% handling fee. This fee is to cover our shipping costs.  This change effective as of 4/30/2010***. All returned items must be in their original packaging and must be in saleable condition. Bags must not be torn (Purse to Go bags have a flap to open on one end). Purse To Go and Purseket Organizers will not be accepted if they are creased. Please do not fold them, and make sure they are in a sturdy package that won't get crushed.  If you paid for expedited or international shipping, the shipping price will not be refunded, and if you want an exchange you will need to pay for international or expedited shipping again.

If you have received your item damaged, or if we've sent you the wrong one, you will need to make us aware of the problem immediately (within 48 hours of receipt).  We will pay for the return shipping to us, no handling fee will apply of course, and we will either offer a refund or replace the item.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. 

Q.  Does Free Shipping apply for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands?
It sure does!  Yes, we know, that is awesome! 

Q. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we will ship internationally, however, international shipments don't qualify for free shipping.   On international orders you'll be offered the choice of priority international or express international USPS shipping.  These both come with insurance and delivery confirmation.  Please note that delivery time frame estimates are from the US to your country's customs office.  From that point, the time you'll actually receive the item depends on how quickly your country's customs office processes packages.  This can vary greatly from one country to the next.  Also, the shipping price does not include customs fees, taxes, or duties that your country may charge.  These vary from country to country and the buyer is responsible for these fees.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Paypal.  We are also happy to accept money orders and checks.  If you pay by check please understand that we will wait for the check to clear before shipping your purchase which may take up to two weeks!

Clipa Questions:

Q.  Does it work on both double handle and single handle bags?
Yes, on double handbag strap bags you may need to move the Clipa to one handle or the other in order to fully open your purse.

Q.  My handbag straps are very long. Will it work?
If your bag straps are very long, it may not suspend your bag off of the ground.  If your bag has hardware that forms a loop where the handle meets the bag you can use your Clipa there.

Q.  Where can I use it?
Clipa can be used on many horizontal surfaces like tables, bars and shelves. It can also be used on many vertical surfaces like cubical walls, restroom stalls, doors, wooden or chain-link fences. Clipa works on many chairs (arms and backs), on rails, on sinks, and many other places. Use it in restaurants, bars, outdoor cafes, concerts, public restrooms and movie theatres (hang back from the seat back in front of you or the drink holder). Works great in airplane lavatories where there are handles but no hooks. Ideal for sporting events, cubicles, poolside, shopping carts-almost anywhere that you want to keep germs, dirt and water off of your handbag.

Q.  Will Clipa keep my handbag from being stolen?
No. Keep your handbag close and keep an eye on it. Clipa is not a theft deterrent.

Q.  Will it break?
It has been tested on machines and in the field comparable to 10 years of daily use. The force required to break the Clipa is multiples of the rated strength. This provides a conservative rating.

Q.  What is it made of?
High strength cast alloy.

Q.  Where is Clipa made?
It is made the U.S. from North American parts

Q.  How do I care for it, clean it?
No cleaning or polishing is required. Submerging in salt water not recommended.

Q.  How much does it weigh?
2 ounces

Q.  What does Clipa mean?
It means "instantly" in Romanian

Q.  I live overseas and I purchased the Clipa but you refunded my money and won't ship one to me.  Why?
We're very sorry for the inconvenience but the manufacturer of the Clipa is restricting sales of this product to the US and Canada.  We can longer ship it overseas.  If you love overseas and add it to your order the Clipa portion of your order will be refunded. 

Purse-To-Go Questions:

Q.  What is the velcro for on the Purse To Go?
The velcro allows you to adjust the size of the Purse To Go so you can fit it into a smaller purse.  You will need to remove items from the pockets that are affected.

Q.  What size items can I fit in the pockets?
Since the pockets vary in size, you can fit many different items in the Purse to Go.  Glasses, cosmetics, hairbrushes, cell phones, tissues, band aids, you will find a place for almost anything you carry.  The large center is where you can fit your wallet and checkbook as well as other large items.

Q.  Will the Puse To Go add structure to my floppy purse?
The Purse To Go does add structure to the sides of your purse, however, the bottom of the purse will still be somewhat rounded.  If your purse did not stand up before, the Purse To Go may not fix that issue.  A lot depends on how full you make the center part, the fuller it is, the better your purse will stand up. 

Q.  Is the Purse To Go easy to remove and replace into a bag of about the same size?
Yes, it is very easy to switch purses with the Purse To Go, especially since it is so flexible.  You can also adjust the size if you are going into a smaller size handbag.  (You can adjust the length, not the height of the organizer.)

Q.  What size should I get for my LV Bag?
We have limited size recommendations from the manufacturer and here they are. 
We'd love to hear your recommendations if you have experience with a certain bag and a Purse-To-Go! 

Q.  Are the Purse to Go Zip-up and Pocket Plus styles the same measurements as the original Purse to Go?

Q.  Are the Purse to Go Zip-up and Pocket Plus styles adjustable?
No, they aren't, however you could add velcro to the Zip-ups style (not pockets plus) to make it adjustable!

Purseket Questions:     

Q.  What size Purseket should I buy?

Size Charts

Here's a quick and handy guide to see which Purseket Purse Organizer will fit your purse or handbag best. Go grab a tape measure and follow these steps...

1. Measure the INSIDE height of your bag at the lowest point -- make sure if it's a saddle type handbag you're measuring in the right place (from the floor of the bag to the underside of the zipper/closer).

2. Next, find the circumference of the handbag or purse. Simply wrap your tape measure around the outside of your handbag and make note of the size.

3. If you measured around the outside of the purse you will have the external dimensions of your handbag. To be safe, subtract an inch or so from the circumference for the thickness of the walls of your purse. This should give you an approximation for the inside circumference of your bag.

4. Compare the sizes you worked out with the chart below: You need


Purse Circumference

Min. Purse Depth
7.5 inches
Min. Purse Depth
8 inches
8-20 inches You need a: D You need a: D
20-26 inches You need a: D You need a: D or S
26-36 inches You need a: D You need a: D, S or M
36+ inches You need a: D You need a: D, S, M or L


Key: D = Junior Drop-In, S = Small, M = Medium, L = Large

TIP: You can always put a larger Purseket in a smaller bag if you don't mind some overlap!

5. Buy your Purseket Purse Organizer and become instantly more organized!                                                                                                                  

NOTE: This is an approximate guide only. All purses and handbags are not made equally.

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