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Loving Purse Bling!

What a delightful shopping experience! Jerilyn is charming and gives fabulous customer service. The order came so fast that I hadn't even started...


I love the free shipping and very quick dispatching of my order. Thank you!

Pocket-to-Go Pocket Plus JUMBO

I am so happy that Purse Bling exists and that Jerilyn is so customer focused! I purchased my first PTG Pocket Plus last year in France. After...


OMG! I started first by ordering an original purse organizer, and I loved it. The sizes recommended on this site fits perfectly. I ordered it a...

Happy Dance

I am so pleased with the product and service I received from Purse Bling! I ordered a gift for my mother for Christmas and it came in JUST IN TIME!...

The Pami Pocket is a stretchy, water-resistant pouch made of cushiony neoprene!  Use it to carry your cell-phone, a small camera, your smart phone, or an i-pod, you can also fit some cash, id, credit cards and even some keys.  Whether you're bike riding, at the beach or pool, out dancing, at a themepark, or just shopping this is a great way to carry your absolute necessities hands-free and worry-free.

The Pami Pocket Video Demo