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I love them!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my items and I love them!! Thank you so much!! I would definitely give you a star rating of 5 as your...

YAY! I can find things!

I ordered the "purse to go" orgnaizer to go in my large bottomless pit purse. Now, I'm not searching for 5 minutes for the one thing I want....

Great Products

I ordered the PTG Jumbo for my Louis Vuitton Delightful MM pocketbook and couldn't be happier. My husband bought the bag for me for Christmas and it...

My purse to go extra jumbo!

Dear Jerilyn: I just wanted to let you know I received my organizer just on time and it's just perfect! It fitted like a glove in my Andy CH by...

purse to go

im very happy with my purse to go...i made my own purse and didnt like everything just sitting in the bottom of it so i strated looking on line and...

Purse to Go Boxy Purse Organizer

Purse to Go just keeps getting better!  Now introducing the new Boxy style by Purse to Go.  This will give your bag the ultimate in structure!   This new Purse to Go is rectangular in shape, but still flexible at the bottom to allow it to fit into your many bags.  This style features 10 pockets and a zippered divider for your private items.  It's now available in two sizes - small and large.  Small measures 12" Long x 8" Tall x 5" Wide.  Weight is 7 oz.  The Large size measures 15" L x 10"H x 7"W

You'll need your bags to be tall enough to allow clearance (about 3") to close your bag unless it's an open tote.  Please be mindful of closures and snaps when measuring your purse.  This organizer would be awesome in a large tote or diaper bag!  Also great for large messenger bags!




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