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Adorable AND Handy!

Just received my Purse-to-Go Zip Up Jumbo (in red) today! I ordered it to go into my LV Neverful MM. I must say that it is very well constructed and...

Do NOT Hesitate

Thank you for the opportunity to tell about my purchase. I ordered an organizer and shaper for my Pink Cabas GM. I am very excited about this...

Purse to Go and key finder

I love my purse to go. It is now easy to grab what I need from my purse without having to dig to the bottom. The key finder is so convenient, my keys...

Debbie S.

I came to the site to see all the colors for the Scarlett by Fumi purse scarf. LOVE IT! It's great to have a glasses cleaner at your fingertips, and...


I was TOTALLY amazed the day I placed my order within minutes I got an email stating my order was being processed then within the hour I got another...


Received the item fast around 3-4 days. Made with durable materials and I don't think it will fade its color nor transfer color onto bags lining. The PTG Jumbo fits my speedy30 with some space for movement or other items outside of the PTG. After putting it in it still had a little bit of sag to the speedy30 and the sides wouldn't crumble in as much (more structure). The red color matches the inside lining of my bag perfectly as well. Love the extra pockets it provided. I tried using this in my mom's speedy25 and it fits very snuggly after making it smaller in width with the velcro adjuster. It made her purse very structured which she liked.

Date Added: 10/12/2012 by Kelly C. - Temple City, California