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I love it

this organizer is the best way to change purses and save time as well as always find your stuff.

Love My Jumbo PTG!

I love, love, love my new jumbo purse to go! I have a very floppy purse and the PTG gave this purse more stability and the best part, it's organized!...

Ooh La La: Key Finders & Such

I love key finders & gave them as gifts last year, & am doing again this year. I also ordered the FUMI purse hook which is really nice & it's already...

Awesome Bag Shapers!

I ordered the clear bag shapers for my LV Neverfull, Speedy 30 and Tivoli GM and they are fantastic. I don't like a slouchy bag unless it's supposed...

Luv my PTG

I am so happy with all of my PTG items. There are made with such good quality. I also bought several BaseShapers, they are wonderfully made, not to...

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this is great for my big expensive tote, i bought it to protect the lining as well as to use as a baby bag so milk /food or soiled clothing will not touch the inside of my bag. and the fact that it zippers is good cause i can keep soiled baby stuff separate from my personal things like wallet, phone, etc. the only thing is that its definitely not flimsy, but not as sturdy/stiff as i thought, but i'm sure when i put things in it it'll stay put better. i'm very happy with it, didn't cost much and i think it'll always stay in my big tote as a protective lining if not super functional to keep a diaper and bottle in it.

Date Added: 08/25/2011 by ellen H. - McComb, Mississippi