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Love Purse Bling

I was on the lookout for a purse organizer for a Christmas gift and Purse-to-Go had the best reviews. During my research I found that Purse Bling had...

Purse Organizer

Just got mine today so far so good

Just what I needed!

I need to carry a key chain with a lot of keys on me when I am at work, and have easy access to the keys. I was looking for a stylish way of carrying...


i am from Germany and i got a Lv nf mm for christmas from my husband. I was very happy but it scared me that i could not close my new bag... After...

Great Purchase

I just received my CLIPA hangbag clip! It was packaged perfectly and a very nice packing slip came with it thanking me for my business. I love my...

Banjees Phone Accessories

25% off site wide! Now through Labor Day.

Banjees are a perfect choice for women that live an active lifestyle! There are two types of banjees below is a short description of each.

The Mesh Touch Phone Banjees Wrist Wallets has a mesh material which allows you to operate your touch phone while it is safely enclosed within the wrist wallet. 

The 2 pocket Banjees Wrist Wallets are perfect for cash, cards and keys, whether you use them as a phone holder, a travel wallet, a running wallet or an ID holder. They combine durable stretch fabrics with guaranteed zippers to make it the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle. .

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