Acrylic Base Shaper for LV and Longchamp Bags

Take your bag from saggy to spectacular with an acrylic base shaper! We know how it is - you get your new Louis Vuitton bag out of its box and unwrap it, and it looks beautiful until you put something in it. Once you fill your LV Speedy, LV Neverfull, LV Montorgueil, LV Totally, LV Delightful, or Longchamp Le Pliage you notice that the sides are caved in, the bottom is sagging, and it just doesn't look as cute. Acrylic base shapers are made to fit at the bottom of your bag to help support it and give it a nice straight line no matter how much you put in it. The My Speedy Base Shaper is custom fit for many LV and Longchamps styles. These clear acrylic base shapers are super-strong and will always match your bag's lining. They will not only enhance the look of your LV bag from the outside, but it will also look beautiful inside your purse and will protect the bottom of your bag from spills and stains.

***Please note that any handbags shown in photos are not included.***

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