Catchy Clips Key Clip/Card Clip

CatchyClips  Key Chain or Store/Gift/Credit Card Holder

CatchyClips™ are designed to clip to the inside of your handbag for easy access.  You can use your magnetic CatchyClip™ to secure your keys to one spot in your purse; or as a card organizer for your store cards, gift cards, library card and maybe even credit cards; or to fasten any important item to the inside of your purse, backpack or briefcase so you can easily find it.   You can even clip your CatchyClip™ to your waistband or a belt loop so you can carry your keys with you while leaving your large purse at home.

To use your CatchyClip™  as a Key Clip - Attach your keys to the Gem Top, and clip the other half of the magnet inside your purse with the attached "alligator" clip. The strong magnet holds your keys right where you can find it. Just gently pull the gem top to remove your keys from the magnetic clip. When you're done just reach back in and it clicks right back onto the magnet.  No more hunting for your keys in your purse!  And best, yet, if your purse spills over your keys will still stay secure.  No fears about anyone stealing your keys, either, since the Catchy Clip is hidden from view.

To use your CatchyClip™  as a Card Clip -  Organize your store reward cards, gift cards, even your credit cards if you'd like. No more forgetting to use your gift cards, and goodbye overstuffed wallet.  Just add your mini-cards, or even full size cards, to the ring and you'll always be able to find the one you need. After punching a hole in each full size card your cards can be grouped, using the included separators, so they are categorized by store card/gift card/credit card to make them easy to find when you're at the checkout. You don't have to remove them from the ring to swipe them, but they are easy to remove when needed.  The Gem Top on the ring will magnetically attach inside your purse where you've clipped the magnet.

You'll be amazed at how securely your items will be held, yet how easy it is to switch your Catchy Clip from one purse or backpack to another.  You'll love the convenience!


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