Men's Big Skinny Wallets

We're so happy to offer these amazingly designed wallets!   Big Skinny Wallets are the thinnest wallets in the world.  They're at least 50% thinner when filled than most traditional are when they're empty!  Made of a proprietary ultra-thin, yet very sturdy, nylon microfiber material, these wallets are extremely light-weight, super-thin, and machine washable.  The smart design lets you fit and organize your plastic cards without making huge bulges.  Instead you will be left with a wallet in a flatish plane.  When filled, Big Skinny wallets are flexible and small enough to fit in shirt pockets, or the front pockets of jeans or slacks.  You can even put one in your back pockets and NOT get a backache like you do with most traditional wallets.  Just watch the video!  You'll see what we mean when we say these wallets are skinny!

These "traditionally" men's style wallets are available in Bi-fold and Tri-fold styles, in leather and micro-fiber.  No more back-ache from putting a big, bulky wallet in your back pocket.