Pockets Plus Purse Organizer, Extra Jumbo

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Green Carnival
Red Floral Polka Dots

The extra-jumbo Purse To Go Pockets Plus measures approx.17"L x 9"H x 6"W. If you carry a huge pocketbook, tote, or a diaper bag, then you know how difficult is is to find anything in that bottomless pit! This handbag organizer insert liner will help you to organize that pile of stuff and help you find your things so much more easily. Trust me, once you don't have to search for hours, or worse yet, dump out the contents of your bag to find something, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Purse To Go Pockets Plus! Changing purses is a snap with Purse To Go! The fabric bottom in the center means that when you want to switch purses you just lift out the organizer with everything in it and pop it into the next purse!

The Extra-jumbo Purse to Go Pockets Plus measures 17"L x 9"H x 6"W. It is just like the original Purse to Go, except it has double the pockets perfect for those ladies who have lots of smaller items to organize. This style is not adjustable like the original Purse to Go - there is no velcro on the Pockets Plus style. This size is great for the LV Neverfull GM, LV Totally GM, and other extra-large bags.

****More fitting information for you: The length measurement is given flat. As you fill the PTG the length shrinks approx 2"-3", so really this organizer is perfect for a bag about 16" long or more. The Pockets Plus design is not adjustable! Please keep that in mind when choosing your size. Also, you'll need to access the outer pockets, so please make sure you'll have a little wiggle room on the sides!

The extra-jumbo Purse to Go Pockets Plus has 14 pockets that measure as follows: Two 8" wide, two 6" wide, four 4.25" wide, two 4" wide, two 3.75" wide, and two 2.25" wide pockets. All sizes are approximate.

When choosing your color please know that many women enjoy having a bright color liner because it makes it so much easier to see your things in your purse! Also, this style can be reversed so that you can look at the pretty print instead of hiding it next to your liner!

***All organizers are use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any transfer of color onto your linings or items you carry in any purse organizer. It doesn't happen often, but we have heard of red dye rubbing off on phone cases and other light colored items. It is possible for very light colored linings to be damaged as well. Please choose your organizer color carefully to avoid any damage. Our liability is limited to the cost of the purse organizer. Any size suggestions are guidelines only and not guaranteed - depending on what you carry in your bag, and your preferences, you may like a different size than those suggested.

***Please note: Trim color may not match body color exactly. Color can vary due to monitor differences, lighting, and dye lot or fabric changes.

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