Purse to Go Boxy - Large Purse Organizer

This organizer will provide all the structure you'll ever need. With 9 pockets lining the inside and a zippered divider for your private items this organizer provides plenty of room for everything you carry in your bag.

This is the new LARGE size boxy and it measures 15"L x 10"H x 7"W. You'll need some clearance at the top to be able to close your bag - probably 12-13" total height is a minimum. Please take into account any closures and zippers when measuring. This organizer is perfect for large totes, large messenger bags, briefcases or laptop bags, and diaper bags. If you have the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM this will be a wonderful fit for it.

9 pockets as follows: Three 2"-2.5" pockets, two 3" pocket,two 5.5"pockets, one 6.5" pocket, and one 7.5" pocket. You'll have approx. 3.5" on either side of the zippered divider. It weighs about 10 oz. There is nothing to hold the organizer fully open, it's just fabric on the bottom. You may want to cut a piece of foamboard to fit into the bottom to help this organizer to stay fully open.

***All organizers are use at your own risk. We are not responsible for any transfer of color onto your linings or items you carry in any purse organizer. It doesn't happen often, but we have heard of red dye rubbing off on phone cases and other light colored items. It is possible for very light colored linings to be damaged as well. Please choose your organizer color carefully to avoid any damage. Our liability is limited to the cost of the purse organizer. Any size suggestions are guidelines only and not guaranteed - depending on what you carry in your bag, and your preferences, you may like a different size than those suggested.

***Please note: Trim color may not match body color exactly. Color can vary due to monitor differences, lighting, and dye lot or fabric changes.

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