Strappys - Decorative Bra Straps

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps - Where fashion meets function – shoulder jewelry bra straps for your strapless bra!

  • Keep your strapless bra in place.
  • Wear all of the latest styles with confidence.
  • No more worries about unattractive bra straps or clear bra straps ruining your look.

 These beautiful, interchangeable bra straps will become one of your favorite fashion accessories. Dress up your everday style or choose a strap for a night out on the town.

 Go out with confidence and show off your bra straps. This shoulder jewelry will certainly turn heads for the right reason.

 The perfect bra strap solution is also a great gift for any gal as they will arrive in a pretty pink box.

Check out our selection of beautiful, sexy rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, designer fashion bra straps, decorative bra straps, and jewelry bra straps.

Transform your bra straps into beautiful jewelry for your shoulders with these unique bra strap accessories.


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