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Purse to go, extra jumbo

Stop right here! You can't find a better purse insert/organizer than this! I tried several others, but they just slumped in the bottom of my bag and...


I bought a purse insert and due to the size I returned it in order to purchase a smaller size. Jerilyn emailed me concerned that I might be getting...

LV neverfull MM

Ordered the extra jumbo purse to go zipper style for my Louis Vuitton neverfull MM. This is perfect for my bag! The size fits perfect and even gives...

Wonderful product!

Due to back and shoulder problems I decided to give my daughters all my large purses and buy new smaller ones. While emptying out the large purses I...

Great Service!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a good product and great customer service!. I ordered several key finders & one was defective. I...

Pocket Tokens and Figurines

Wishing you all joy, health, and success in the New Year!

Sorry, the product you were looking for is not available anymore. Please shop our current selection.

These little pocket tokens are small and adorable.  They each come with a small card with a saying or poem on it.  Use them to adorn your computer monitor or keep them in your purse or pocket.  They're the perfect thing to cheer up a freind who's feeling down or just to give as a small gift to someone you love.

Figurines are a little larger than pocket tokens, and even though they don't come with a poem they are still a great little gift!

Double the Luck Wishbone & 4-Leaf Clover Charm

Double the Luck Wishbone & 4-Leaf Clover Charm

This charm is meant to give twice the luck with a wishbone and a 4-leaf clover upon it. There is a loop so you can put it on a key chain, necklace,...


Model: ER37042
Lucky Little Elephant Token Charm

Lucky Little Elephant Token Charm

These adorable little Lucky Elephant Pocket Token Charms can be carried, held in a pocket, or placed on a shelf. Each one of these adorable elephants...


Model: ER28470
Lucky Little Owl Charm

Lucky Little Owl Charm

These adorable little Lucky Owl Pocket Token Charms can be held in a pocket, placed on a shelf, or tacked onto your computer monitor. You will get...


Model: ER26775
Teacher's Prayer Apple Charm

Teacher's Prayer Apple Charm

These bright red apples open to reveal a tiny space inside. They have a magneticclosure and a jump ringfor easy attaching to a chain, rope or...


Model: ER14114