Adjustable Face Mask - Reusable & Washable with Cotton Blend Fabric

We are working hard to supply the world with quality face-masks while we all get through this difficult time together!

Adjustable elastic for all sizes. Washable, and reusable face mask with 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric for better protection. The adjustable elastic adjusts all the way down to a child-size, or up to 2XL size.

> Made to CDC Specs
> Fits Size: Adjustable from Small to XXL
> Washable & Reusable
> 2 Layers of Protection
> 100% Cotton Fabric

Adjustable from Small to XXL

Black Face Mask with Black Elastic

Unfortunately, no returns due to health reasons.

This adjustable face mask has 9" of elastic for a comfortable fit of each ear. Each adjustable face mask measures 9” X 5.5” wide when folded with 9" of round elastic to fit comfortably around your ears. The adjustable face mask is 5.5" wide from the nose to the chin.

Disclaimer: These face masks only HELP, they are NOT 100% guaranteed to stop air born diseases..