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Base Shaper for LV Speedy 35 - Slightly Imperfect

Color - Style
Dark Brown

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This base shaper fits the LVSpeedy 35and eliminates "Bag Sag". It measures approx. 13 3/8" L. x 7 1/8" W.

These Base Shapers are slightly imperfect. Most of the imperfections are so slight they won't even show up in photos, and they will not affect the structure or performance of the base shaper. Score a great deal on something you will be putting under all your purse contents or may be putting under an organizer!

The MySpeedy Base is two layers of man made leather, double stitched for durability. It has an elegant look and is guaranteed to fit. This attractive base shaper will protect the bottom of your expensive Louis Vuitton handbag, and it will enhance the look of your bag both inside and out.

This Base Shapermeasures approx. 13 3/8" L. x 7 1/8" W.

**Please note that any bags that may be shown in photos are not included - you're only purchasing the Base Shaper.**

****All base shapers are use at your own risk. We are not responsible for excessive wear or color bleed over time caused by the use of this product. Liability for damages is limited to the cost of the base shaper.

Slight imperfections are inherent in the leather look fabric. They do not affect functionality.


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