Beaded Breakaway Beaded ID Necklace - Purple Haze

This pretty Beaded ID Badge Holder Necklace embraces your wild, untamed spirit. Orchid and gold glass seed beads with a lovely bauble at the bottom. Now with a silver clasp hook to hold your ID.

  • Hand made with glass beads
  • Strung on seven strands of stainless wire for maximum durability
  • Magnetic breakaway safety clasp
  • Hangs 18" from back of neck

Your look should be a true reflection of you. Choose from a wide selection of beaded lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and custom lanyards, and quickly transform your workplace fashion accessories into workplace chic! Create your own personal brand at work and achieve the success you desire today.

Do you need a clear plastic pocket for your ID Badge? You can find it here.
What about a gripper to hold badges with no slot? Here they are.


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