Hip Klip Belt - Chain - LONG

Do you find that you can't use your Hip Klip Pocket everyday because you wear dresses often? This new belt will make it so easy to make sure you can always wear your Hip Klip Pocket, no matter what look you're stylin'. The belt is also wonderful if you don't like how the klips feel in your waistband, or don't like how they work on certain pants. Use it with a one-peice bathing suit, too! This belt will allow you to use your Hip Klip as a shoulder purse or cross body bag.

Simply insert a klip into the adapter at one end of the belt, then wrap the belt around your waist and insert the other klip into the adapter at the other end of the belt. This belt is adjustable black nylon in the back with silver chain in the front. Length is approx 44"-52". After attaching pocket and klips, it will give you added length, totaling approx. 52"-58".

Can not be used with single klip pockets styles - you must have 2 klips to use this belt. See photos to see how to attach klips to belt.

(Can only be used with Hip Klip pocket with 2 klips)