Hip Klip Double Zip - XL w- Elastic Loop - Subtle Black Faux Leather - EMF-RFID

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Hip Klips are the easy way to go hands free and this new Hip Klip with 2 zippered pockets makes it easier to stay organized. Keep your passport with you at all times in this roomy pocket. Also perfect for carrying a large cell phone and just a few essentials when you exercise, walk the dog, take a stroll in the park, go shopping, go to the beach, go to a theme park, play with your kids, go out dancing, etc., etc. Think of it as the fanny pack's "hip", cool alternative! This clippable mini-purse is perfect for any time you want your hands or shoulders to be free! This pocket has an elastic loop for holding sunglasses or eyeglasses, a pen, stylus, or other narrow item!

This new EMF/RFID Pocket protects against harmful EMF Pollution and protects your chip enabled credit cards against RFID Readers. EMF Pollution is becoming a growing health concern with regard to the radiation emitted from cell phones, Wifi, Bluetooth etc. TheCopper-Nickel Lined Pockets offer Protection from this potentially harmful exposure. The EMF Pockets feature:*Copper-Nickel Plating*Anti-radiation*Degaussing (the process of decreasing or eliminating the remnantmagnetic field)*Electronic information leak prevention (RFID cc protection)

This combo set includes TWO Klips and one Pocket. Wear this pocket with the zippered pockets facing out for easy access to your items.

One open pocket and 2 zippered pockets gives you more carrying options! This pocket is approx. 8" long x 6 wide. The open pocket and one of the zippered pockets are 7" deep. The second zippered pocket is 5" deep.