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Purse to Go Boxy - Small Purse Organizer
Purse to Go Boxy - Small Purse Organizer
Sale: $26.21
Save: 25% off
FUMI Bracelet Purse Hook - Bangle - Jade/Emerald
FUMI Bracelet Purse Hook - Bangle - Jade/Emerald
Sale: $11.96
Save: 25% off
FUMI Bracelet Purse Hook - Colors - Pewter
FUMI Bracelet Purse Hook - Colors - Pewter
Sale: $15.71
Save: 25% off
Love my PTG Original Extra Jumbo!

I am so happy to have come across your website through QueenKattz. I ordered the PTG Original Extra Jumbo for my new LV Speedy 35 and I love it!...


This is my first purchase with Purse Bling, and it was excellent. Received great communication and fast shipping. I would give 5 stars and will shop...


What a great experience it has been ordering from Purse Bling! I ordered an organizer for a holiday gift for a coworker. I spent a lot of time...


How could I have not known about Pursebling? I purchased the small purse to go for my LV Speedy 25 and love it. This keeps my keys, wallet and...

Very Impressed!

I had just ordered a large Italian leather tote bag and knew I needed an organizer for a bag this size. I read about on a handbag...

Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses

Winter Clearance Sale - 10-25% Off Sitewide! Shop now and save!

This unique line of cell phone touch purses was developed due to a need for women and girls to find a safe place to keep their phones. We carry our phones everywhere we go using them to keep in touch with our friends, follow our social media, navigation, call or text family’s our lifeline.  Now your phone can stay with you and allow you to use it while keeping it in the purse. No worries about rain or snow, or taking your phone out and leaving it behind.  These little purses are lightweight and carry just what you need to get around.