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Care Tips for Designer Handbags

We all love our handbags. They are a part of our wardrobe, constant companions, and are always on our side. So they deserve to be treated with utmost care. Maintaining our designer handbags is a must, as continuous use might cause these precious carryalls to wear out faster. But, we often don't know or have little knowledge of the basics of handbag care. So we compiled this care tips list to help you preserve your investment designer handbag for as long as possible. 

1. Clean Your Designer Handbag Properly

Clean your handbag properly to remove any dirt and stains immediately. Always use mild soap and water in cleaning leather handbags. Carefully wipe your bag with a dampened cloth and pat dry with a clean cloth. It is also advisable to empty your handbag regularly, turn it upside down, and gently shake it to remove dust and other small objects. In maintaining your handbag, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid over-cleaning it, and it is wise to invest in maintenance products. 

Tips on removing stains:

  • Food Stains: remove stains by crushing white chalk on the stain for several hours and wiping it away with a clean cloth. 
  • Water Spots: Blot the water stain and let it dry naturally and bring your handbag to a professional cleaner for water stain removal.
  • Ink Stains: Try rubbing fresh ink stains with a white eraser. Don't use too much pressure to rub the stains. If it doesn't disappear, bring your handbag to a professional cleaner.
  • Odors: Put a baking soda pack inside your handbag when storing to remove odors.


    Dust Bag

    2. Store Your Handbag Properly

    Your designer handbags are made from premium materials, so they can't be thrown into a heap in a dark corner of your room. Part of taking care of your designer handbag is properly storing it when not in use. Clean your handbag and store it in its  dust bag. Don't pile your handbags on top of one another. Store it in an upright position and to maintain its shape, stuff it with acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, or a handbag pillow. Storing your handbag correctly will give it a longer lifespan and help maintain its beauty.

    3. Protect the Interior of Your Handbag

    Protecting the inside of your handbag is as important as protecting the outside. One way of protecting the lining of your handbag is paying attention to what you put inside. Always ensure the lids of any bottles you're planning to stuff your handbag are tightly closed and the caps of any pens or lipstick. Another way to protect your handbag's inside is by using a purse organizer insert. A purse organizer will help organize the things inside your bag while keeping it in shape and protecting it from spills. 


    Purse Organizer Insert

    4. Make Sure to Zip or Fasten Your Designer Handbag Properly

    Leaving the handles with heavy hardware hanging on the sides of your bag when not in use will add stress to your handbag or may cause tearing. So make sure that your handbags are zipped when stored.

    5. Don't Overstuff Your Designer Handbag

    Routinely overstuffing your designer handbag can permanently alter its shape. So, limit yourself to the essentials to help preserve the shape of your handbag. Carrying too many heavy objects will also strain the handles of your bag, which can lead to the stretching or learning of your designer handbag.

    6. Use the Right Maintenance Products for Your Designer Handbag

    A leather designer handbag should be cleaned with leather cream or balm, while suede designer handbags should be brushed with a suede brush. Be mindful of the maintenance products you use and always follow your designer handbag's care and cleaning instructions. Doing this will help avoid the risk of damaging your designer handbag further.

    7. Seek Professional Help

    While cleaning and restoring your handbag at home is possible, sometimes seeking a professional is a big help. Don't be afraid to seek our professionals who specialize in cleaning, restoring, and repairing any handbag to make it look new. Just search your area for professional handbag cleaners to help return your bag to its former glory. 

     Buying a designer bag is considered an investment, so, understandably, you want to keep it like new for a long time. Hopefully, these care tips for your designer handbag will help ensure that it looks new and beautiful. 

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