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How to Authenticate Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton is one of the world's most famous and oldest luxury fashion brands. This French fashion house gained popularity from its different lines of luxury bags and accessories. 

As one of the most designer brands in the world, it is no surprise that Louis Vuitton is also one of the most counterfeited brands in the world. Replicas that look very similar to authentic Louis Vuitton bags were created by many scammers and are sold at lower prices. These fake Louis Vuitton bags are hard to distinguish from the real ones, so paying attention to specific details is essential when determining if a bag is a real Louis Vuitton. 

Louis Vuitton Purses Brand Overview

To understand the allure behind a Louis Vuitton handbag, we must first journey back to the humble beginnings of this iconic fashion house. Established in 1854 by a visionary artisan named Louis Vuitton, the brand originated as a luggage workshop in Paris. Vuitton's innovative spirit led him to create flat, stackable trunks, a stark departure from the rounded designs of the time. This groundbreaking concept revolutionized travel, making it convenient and elegant. As the brand flourished, it became the go-to choice for the European elite, solidifying its reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated design.

Why Louis Vuitton Purses Is are Prime Target for Counterfeiters

Louis Vuitton's global renown and status as a status symbol have made it a magnet for counterfeiters seeking to capitalize on its prestige. The meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising standards that define genuine Louis Vuitton items become both a testament to the brand's authenticity and a challenge for those attempting to replicate it. The immense demand for Louis Vuitton handbags has created an environment where counterfeiters try to imitate every facet of the brand's signature elements, from the monogram pattern to the hardware finishes. As a result, discerning the genuine from the fake requires a keen eye for detail, a solid understanding of the brand's design, and a comprehensive knowledge of the markers that set authentic Louis Vuitton apart from the replicas.

How to Authenticate Louis Vuitton Handbags

Here are several ways to spot a real Louis Vuitton bag:

1. Check the Stitching

Newer Louis Vuitton handbags like Alma, Neverfull, and Speedy always have precisely five stitches across the handle tab areas. 

The stitching of classic brown Louis Vuitton bags is of mustard yellow (not bright yellow) color. The stitching is perfectly consistent in size, distance, and quality. The number of stitches on one side of the bag should match the number of stitches on another. Any hanging threads in the bag are red flags. So always check the sides seams, stamps, and the rest of the bag to see if it is well stitched.

Louis Vuitton Stitching

2. Check the Stamping on the Handbag

The Louis Vuitton stamp is a vital indicator of whether a bag is fake or not. Louis Vuitton bags do not come with any authenticity cards. So in order to tell if the bag is genuine, the manufacturer places a unique stamp with a place and date code on the inside of the bag. 

  • The Date Stamp

Today, LV bags are manufactured in France and other countries, such as USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. Each country has its own unique code. Since 1983 LV has used a six-character date code stamp for its handbags. The first two characters are letters (a code for the place is manufactured) and the four number characters (the month and year of production).

However, since the company keeps updating its coding on LV bags that date back from 2007 up to 2021, the first and third numbers represent the week of the year the bag was made. 

There are several specific features on an LV stamp that you should look out for.

An original LV Stamp should display the following:

  • The tail on the original LV stamp is always very short.
  • The O’s are very round and always look bigger than the L.
  • The T’s almost touch each other.
  • The lettering is thin and crisp.


3. Check the Hardware

Checking the hardware is one of the easiest ways to see if a luxury brand bag is real. The hardware on LV bags is of the highest quality. It is pretty heavy and is made of metal brass painted in gold. Other hardware, like zippers or handles, are smooth. While fake LV bags are sometimes made of plastic, the connecting pieces and ring hooks are rounded. The original LV bag has a D-ring connecting piece. Each metallic piece on the original LV bags has a Louis Vuitton engraving which is crisp, precise, and well-crafted. 

Louis Vuitton Hardware

4. Check the Louis Vuitton Materials

All Louis Vuitton canvasses have distinct characteristics to make sure of its authenticity. But there are a few characteristics that remain consistent. Every exterior panel should be symmetrical and centered. An example is the flowers in Monogram and squares on the Damier should meet at the seam. Below are the characteristics of a Louis Vuitton canvas.

  • Monogram Canvas: LV monogram canvas uses a continuous piece of leather that wraps around from the front to back with a seam at the bottom. This is why LV bags like Keepall and Speedy have an upside-down LV symbol on the backside. The symbols in the Monogram canvas are light gold-tan, not a greenish tan. Most fake LV bags have the wrong color Monogram. 
  • Damier Ebene and Azur Canvas: the Damier Ebene and Azur canvas should be matte, not shiny. But some Damier Graphite styles have a light sheen with a smooth finish.
  • Multicolor Canvas: The LV logos in authentic Multicolor canvas follow a particular pattern, such as in LV Black Multicolor canvas. The LV log order is as follows. Row 1: Fuschia, white, green. Row 2: dark yellow, dark pink, dark purple; and row 3: light blue, yellow-green (chartreuse). 
Louis Vuitton Packaging

5. Pay Attention to the Packaging

Always pay attention to the handbag’s packaging and presentation whenever you buy a handbag. Original LV bags do not have a price tag or brand tag hanging on their handles. The handles of original LV bags never come with a plastic wrapper. In addition, the LV handles will turn a darker brown as it is made of cowhide leather. 

The dust bag that comes with the bag has a soft tan color and features the name Louis Vuitton or LV logo at the center. 

6. Check the Price of the Louis Vuitton Bag 

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! Always research the market price of the bag you are after. You can check the official website to know the real cost of the specific bag model you want. Another thing, brand new Louis Vuitton bags never go on sale or are sold at any discount in stores, wholesales, or outlets. 

Real Louis Vuitton vs. Fake Louis Vuitton Handbags Comparison

Here's the comparison between a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag and a fake Louis Vuitton handbag:

Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag:

  • Craftsmanship: Meticulous attention to detail, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship.
  • Monogram Pattern: Precisely aligned and symmetrical monogram pattern with clean stitching.
  • Hardware: High-quality, durable hardware with the LV logo, often made of brass or other premium materials.
  • Leather Trim: High-grade, even, and well-stitched leather trim that feels soft and smooth to the touch.
  • Stitching: Neat, consistent, and even stitching, usually in a uniform color.
  • Lining: Luxurious and well-finished lining, often made of high-quality fabrics.
  • Date Code/Authenticity: Genuine LV handbags have a unique date code stamped inside, indicating the production location and date.
  • Packaging: Comes with an official dust bag, authenticity card, and a high-quality box or shopping bag.
  • Price: Higher price point because of the brand's reputation, quality, and exclusivity.

Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag:

  • Craftsmanship: Inconsistent details, poor-quality materials, and subpar craftsmanship.
  • Monogram Pattern: Often misaligned, with irregular pattern placement and uneven stitching.
  • Hardware: Cheap and lightweight hardware with inaccurately reproduced LV logos, easily prone to fading or tarnishing.
  • Leather Trim: Inferior quality leather trim that might be uneven, rough, or poorly stitched.
  • Stitching: Uneven, sloppy, or mismatched stitching, often in varying thread colors.
  • Lining: Low-quality lining that might feel cheap or hastily finished.
  • Date Code/Authenticity: May have a fake or copied date code that doesn't correspond to genuine LV codes or no date code at all.
  • Packaging: Fake LV bags may come with counterfeit dust bags, authenticity cards, or packaging that lacks the brand's attention to detail.
  • Price: Lower price than genuine LV bags, reflecting the inferior quality and lack of authenticity.


We hope the above tips give you enough knowledge on Louis Vuitton bagauthentication. However, authenticating is not always enough. The best thing you can do when buying a real Louis Vuitton bag is to go to a trusted store with a large selection of original LV bags. 




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