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How to Clean Your Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag

You invested in a new Louis Vuitton canvas designer handbag and realized it needs some love and attention - in short; it needs a deep clean! So in this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what Louis Vuitton canvas is and tips on how to keep it in top condition. 

What is Louis Vuitton Canvas Made of?

Before cleaning your Louis Vuitton canvas, it is essential that you understand what Louis Vuitton canvas is made of. Canvas is not leather. LV canvas is made from a cotton base treated with a plastic called polyvinyl chloride, also referred to as coated canvas.

The other materials of your Louis Vuitton bag, such as handles, are made from leather and should be cleaned and treated differently from the canvas, especially the vachetta leather (the light brown leather often used with Monogram Canvas and Damier Azur Canvas).

What are The Different Types of Louis Vuitton Canvas?

The three types of Louis Vuitton canvas are:

  1. Monogram print, which features the LV logo.
  2. Damier Ebene (dark brown)
  3. Damier Azur (white or grey)

The LV Damier Ebene Canvas is the easiest type of canvas to care for and looks newer and longer because of its darker color canvas print. The Damier Ebene canvas is paired with dark brown treated leather, so it will not show watermarks and will not darken like the Vachetta leather.


LV Canvas Type Image

Canvas Name

Handle Material

Monogram Canvas

Monogram Canvas


Damier Ebene Canvas

Damier Ebene Canvas

Treated Leather

Damier Azur Canvas

Damier Azur Canvas 


Sunrise Pastel

Colored / Limited Edition Canvas


What Is The Best Way to clean LV Canvas?

The Louis Vuitton canvas is much easier to clean than the normal leather because of its hard-wearing properties. If you use your LV canvas bag every day, the best way to clean it is to take a clean, damp cloth and wipe the bag to remove any dirt. However, if you want a deep clean, you can use a deep leather cleaner. Even if the canvas is not leather, the leather cleaner will help remove stains, odors, dirt, and bacteria. 

  • Cleaning Your Louis Vuitton Azur canvas

The Damier Azur Canvas is the lightest canvas with white and grey/blue coloring. This is also the canvas that shows up most marks because of its light color and therefore requires more daily care if used often or has spilled on it. 

  • Cleaning Your Colored or Printed Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Canvas

Louis Vuitton often releases limited edition print canvas, including color prints and overlays on things like the classic monogram canvas. These limited edition print canvases don’t affect the canvas fabric, and the bag can usually be cleaned. However, extra care should be given to lighter colored canvas to avoid marks and stains. Clean printed or limited edition canvas by wiping the canvas with a soft, clean, damp cloth daily. You can also use a cleaner and nourishing conditioner once every 6 or 12 months on the bag. 

  • How to remove the stain from Your Louis Vuitton Canvas

Remove stains such as coffee or food from your Louis Vuitton Canvas bag by wiping it straight away with a clean, damp cloth. You can also use leather cleaning products to remove stains or deep clean your canvas. 


How to Clean Your Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag

Why does Louis Vuitton canvas crack?

Louis Vuitton Canvas bags are hard-wearing and durable, but they are not indestructible and can split or crack when not cared for properly. The canvas is as durable as leather, but it can crack due to the following:

  • Folded for an extended period.
  • The canvas becomes brittle from being exposed to the sunlight often.
  • Not cleaned properly.
  • Strain from too much weight or a pull.

It is worth keeping in mind that some Louis Vuitton styles are more prone to canvas cracking than others. LV canvas bag styles feature a cow-hide leather trim that is less likely to crack than canvas with no leather trim. Deep cleaning your canvas bag and conditioning it will help prevent cracking of your bag. 

Tips on Caring for Your Louis Vuitton Canvas Bag

  • Be careful where you place your bag down, and never drag it across the surface. Always put your bag on a clean surface or use apurse hook to protect your handbag.
  • Wipe your LV canvas bag with a clean damp cloth daily.
  • Deep cleanse and condition your bag regularly.
  • Store the bag properly when not in use.
  • Purchase a purse organizer insert to protect the lining of your bag from dirt and spills. A purse organizer insert will also preserve the shape of your bag when in use and in storage. 








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