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What is a Purse Base Shaper?

A purse base shaper has been around for some time. It is essential for protecting your favorite handbags from losing their shape. But there are still some who are wondering if they should get one. Well, if you don’t want your favorite handbag to sag, stretch out or lose its shape when in use, it’s time for you to get one.
You might wonder what base shaper to use with many sizes and options available. In this blog, we explore purse base shapers to help you determine what it is for and help you decide whether it is the right accessory for you.

What is a Purse Base Shaper?

A purse base shaper is a purse accessory that helps prevent your handbag from sagging by providing a base. Purse base shapers allow you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the bottom. Most base shapers are made of thick plastic with nice rounded edges to fit your bag. It also comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and colors.

Why Do You Need a Purse Base Shaper?

Base shapers provide a more aesthetic purpose, make your handbag more rigid, and help them keep in shape when used. Base shapers provide a solid base for your soft-bottom handbags. Bags with a less structured base, foldable and soft, such as duffles, totes, and hobos, are the bags that could benefit from base shapers. So if you want your designer bag to the last longer, use a base shaper to protect it.

When deciding if you need a purse base shaper, there are a few things you need to think about. First, think of the construction of your handbag. If your bag is structured, rigid, and holds its shape well when filled with items, you don’t need to use a purse base shaper. However, if your bag is soft and foldable and loses its shape when filled, you could use a purse base shaper.

What Material Should a Purse Base Shaper be Made of?

Acrylic, leather, and microfiber are the most common materials used for purse base shapers. The solid acrylic material is the most popular because of its versatility and see-through feature. However, many purse base shaper users also prefer leather and microfiber materials because of their various color options.

One new material that is also being used nowadays is vegan (faux) leather purse base shapers. These base shapers are lightweight, have rounded corners, and can provide the ultimate structure to your handbag.

What Size of Purse Base Shaper Should You Use?

Almost all base shapers are sized to fit popular handbag models, but make sure you pick the correct size. If a purse base shaper is too small, it won’t function as intended. However, if it is too large, you risk unnecessary stress on the material of your handbag, which could lead to tearing or misshaping. To ensure that you are buying the right size for your handbag, simply measure the dimension of your bag and compare them to the dimension of the purse base shapers you want to buy. Several options are customizable to fit your needs if you cannot find the right size.

What is the Difference Between Purse Base Shaper and Purse Organizer?

You can use a purse base shaper or purse organizer, depending on your needs. These accessories are both useful and protect your handbags. Purse base shapers provide a solid base to soft bottom handbags, while purse organizers provide overall support, shape, and organization to bags. Both can be used with one another, but purse organizers take up more handbag space. 

Purse Bling’s Purse Base Shapers

Our base shapers are designed to fit comfortably at the bottom of your bag. Some handbags get saggy when in use, but our high-quality purse base shapers will help enhance the look of your bag. When used with base shapers, your handbag will take shape and look more stylish. 


Here is why our customers choose Purse Bling’s base shape:

  • Remove Sag

Purse Bling’s purse base shaper and remove the “sag” at the bottom of your favorite handbag. 

Handbag with Base Shaper
  • Lightweight  

Our purse base shapers are designed to be lighter, so they will not add weight to your handbag when in use. 

Purse Bling Base Shaper
  • Rounded Corners

Purse Bling’s base shaper has round corners, so it will not damage the bottom corners of your handbag. With rounded corners, your bag will take shape and look stylish.

Base Shaper with Round Corners
  • Double Sided

Unlike other purse base shapers, our base shapers are double-sided, giving you option on what side you want to use.


Double-Sided Purse Base Shaper
  • Dust Bag

Our purse base shapers come with a free storage bag for protection and storage. 

Purse Base Shaper with Dust Bag
  • High-Quality

Purse Bling’s base shapers are made from high-quality materials that have an elegant look. Our base shaper fits almost all designer bag models and will help enhance the look of your bag both inside and out.



Hight-Quality Base Shaper








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