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Spring Running Essentials

Good news…warmer weather is on the way! Spring officially starts next month, which means more outdoor activities.

What do you plan on taking with you on your runs?

Whether it’s your cash/credit card, phone, or keys Purse Bling has the perfect and stylish accessory to be your running buddy this Spring.

Be prepared for the warmer weather and stock up on these spring running and hiking essentials now. Here are the items we recommend for your outdoor activities and what essentials it can help you carry!

Single Klip Hip Klip

The perfect choice for the person who doesn’t want to have much on them for their run or walk. A single klip hip klip is exactly that, a single klip that attaches to your hip! This option would be ideal for carrying your house or car key. The key attaches to the clip, and you don’t have to worry on your walk about your key falling out of your pocket.

Best part: these single klip hip klips are available in a variety of designs so you can find the perfect one to match your workout style. Check out this adorable peace sign hip klip. This hip klip is small enough to not interfere with your running but still able to help you carry your car keys with a fashionable touch.

Double Zipper Hip Klip Pockets

Maybe you have a bit more essentials you plan on taking with you on your walk or run? If that’s the case, we recommend a double zipper hip klip pocket. These hip klip pocket combos make it so you can be completely hands-free on your walk.  This is perfect for if you plan on carrying cash and your phone on you. The double pocket combo makes it so you can have all your essentials with you and have them secure in a hands-free bag!

Just like the single klip hip klip this one, these double zipper hip klips come in a variety of styles. Take for example our golden hibiscus hip klip. Also, if you plan on taking your dog with you on walks, and stuffing the hip klip with dog treats, be sure to check out these paw print hip klips!

Banjees Armband

Need your music to keep you motivated while you run? Then we recommend a Banjee armband as your running buddy! The Banjee has a pocket big enough to securely hold an iPhone, keeping it in the ideal spot to have your music source!

If you prefer to have your banjee, not on your arm, we also have banjee wrist wallets!

No matter what type of banjee you get for your running excursions, you’ll love how convenient it is to carry all your things! Banjees are designed with a form fitting material, so it will securely fit around your arm. Your phone is held safely in place with a sturdy velcro strap.

Stay fashionable while you run or do other various spring activities! Be sure to contact us for questions about our products to help you stay stylish this season.


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