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The Best Tote Bags for Travel

No other accessory has you covered than a trusty tote when it comes to traveling. Mini bags might be in right now, but when you're traveling, they won't do as they can't fill all your traveling essentials. That is why we rounded up the best tote bags for travel that every jet-setting woman should have. 

What to Look for in the Best Travel Bag

Below is the list of the essential factors you need to consider when choosing a stylish yet multifunctional tote bag. 

  • Durability: You don't want to travel with a bag that can't stand the weight of all your necessities and give out on you at the most important moment. So check for the materials and craftsmanship of the tote bag you're planning to buy. 
  • Size: Although you might need a reasonably large bag to fit all your needs, an extra-large tote might be awkward to carry around, especially if you're taking public transit. Make sure also that the size of your tote bag matches your height. You don't want to look ridiculous carrying a too big tote bag.
  • Sturdiness: the best tote bags are the ones that can stand on their own and keep their shape.
  • Personal preference: Another essential factor to consider is your personal ‌preference, like the strap shape, zippers, color, design, and other features you want your bag to have. 

The Best Tote Bag for Travel


Christian Dior Large Dior Book Tote

1. Christian Dior Large Dior Book Tote

The large Dior Book Tote comes in several beautiful and unique designs to fit your unique personality. The Book Tote comes in an embroidered fabric with the brand's signature on the front. It also has two handles that can be carried by hand or worn on the shoulders while walking around the airport to find your boarding gate. 


 Louis Vuitton Onthego GM

2. Louis Vuitton Onthego GM

With its striking design, it is no wonder why the Louis Vuitton Onthego was a hit when introduced in the spring/summer 2019 collection. The Giant Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvas combination made the Onthego a standout. The LV canvas bags are lightweight and don't get weight down even when full. This bag is also very functional and practical, and its generous capacity to carry all travel essentials makes this an excellent travel bag. 


 Chanel Deauville Tote

3. Chanel Deauville Tote

The Chanel Deauville Tote bag is a chic, elegant and practical bag that was introduced in Chanel's spring/summer 2012 collection. The tote bag features the signature CC logo on the front and comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. However, the large and extra-large sizes are popular among travelers, as both bags will effortlessly fit all your travel essentials. 


YSL Rive Gauche Tote


4. YSL Rive Gauche Tote


The YSL Rive Gauche Tote is a sturdy, spacious, and well-made bag that is excellent for any stylish traveler. It is a roomy and structured tote with one main compartment and a zipper pouch. It also comes with a three-snap button closure for your belonging's safety and two leather handles that are long enough for the tote bag to be carried on your shoulder. The YSL Rive Gauche Tote is a large bag that will effortlessly fit all your in-flight necessities.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Tote Bag


5. Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Tote Bag 

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote bag is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and popular carryall designer bags that is a great travel or everyday bag.


Celine Large Square In Textile With Celine Print & Calfskin Vanilla


6. Celine Large Square In Textile With Celine Print & Calfskin Vanilla

This Celine large leather-trimmed canvas carryall bag is a perfect travel bag. Its bold yet refined insignia captures the 2022 spring collection with an air of sophistication. This smart travel bag can also be an ideal work bag.


 Gucci Ophidia Medium Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote

7. Gucci Ophidia Medium Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote

The Gucci Ophidia Tote is an ideal designer travel bag for logo lovers who have an affinity for heritage style. This bag is crafted from durable canvas with sturdy leather trims and a single zipped pocket inside. The Gucci Ophidia tote is a perfect investment bag that will fit any style. 


The Row Park 3 Medium Textured-Leather Tote


8. The Row Park 3 Medium Textured-Leather Tote

This tote bag has all the characteristics of a quality travel tote bag, from its slim handles to the relaxed silhouette and creamy beige hue. This bag will make a perfect travel bag as it has a detachable interior flap pouch that will help keep all your travel essentials organized. 


Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Bag

9. Longchamp le Pliage Large Shoulder Bag

The Longchamp le Pliage Large Shoulder Bag is a very practical travel bag that you can use as an everyday bag or travel bag. The Le Pliage Bag comes in different sizes, but the large is the perfect size for any weekend getaway as it can hold all your travel essentials or fold and put in your luggage as an extra bag. This bag is made from nylon and can withstand any weather conditions. 


Fendi Sunshine Shopper

10. Fendi Sunshine Shopper

Its tortoiseshell plexiglass handles, white leather exterior, and the Fendi Sunshine Shopper stamped across the front decorated with gold-colored hardware make this bag a perfect summer travel bag or, if you're going to a sunny place. The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap that you can carry over your shoulder if you don't want to use the handles. The size of the bag is quite large, so we recommend getting the medium size if you're planning to use it as an everyday bag after your travels. 



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