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The Different Types of Purse Hooks

Imagine having to place your favorite designer bag on the floor or tables and chairs while out with friends or family in restaurants or bars. These places are breeding grounds for various forms of germs and bacteria. Well, you really don’t have to worry about these things, especially when there is a simple purse accessory like the purse hooks to help you protect your favorite bag.

What is a Purse Hook? 

 If you haven’t heard about purse hooks before, you may be wondering, “What is a purse hook, and what is it for?” Also called a handbag hook or handbag hanger, a purse hook is a type of hook that is meant to secure your purse or handbag to a table, sink, or armrest. These fashion purse accessories allow women to hang their bags just about anywhere as long as there is a flat surface to hold the hook in place. 

 Purse hooks are usually made of steel and decorated with lavish designs and embellishments for added elegance. The basic purse hook is a hanger with a circular rubber pad attached to clasp the hook against a flat surface. A good purse hook can carry a bag as heavy as 10-12 lbs. 

 Here are some benefits of using purse hooks for your handbags.

  • Purse hooks keep your bag clean and free of germs while dining out because you will not have to place your favorite bag on the floor or extra chairs.
  • These fabulous and attractive handbag holders can be a clever and practical gift to your mom, sister or friend because it is excellent for holding purses, tote bags, umbrellas and more.
  • Purse hooks are beautifully designed to complement any handbag and can even be used as a bracelet or jewelry.
  • Purse hooks are not only for handbags; they are also great for hanging scarves, jackets, hats, and much more. 
  • Purse hooks can protect your handbag from thefts as you put it right near you off the table ledge. 
  • These purse hooks are also great for cabinet storage and can easily save you a lot of space.
  • Purse hooks are strong enough to hold up to 10 to 12 lbs. 
  • By being small and flexible, you can carry your purse hooks easily.
  • They are fashionable on all occasions.

Types of Purse Hooks

There are several types of purse hooks that you can use for handbags of different styles and sizes.

  • The L Style with Circular Pad Purse Hook

This multi-used purse hook can be used anywhere and on any type of surface.

L Type Purse Hook
  • Circular Type Purse Hook

The Circular Type Purse Hooks are usually collapsible purse hooks that are strong and handy. To use, simply unwind the hook part, pull to extend the decorative part away from the hook as far as possible, then put the straps of your purse on the hook to keep your handbag clean and secure.

Circular Type  Purse Hook
  • A Bracelet Type Purse Hooks

The  Bracelet Type Purse Hooks not only functions as a purse hook but also functions as a bangle bracelet. 

Bracelet Type Purse Hooks
  • A Twisting Ring Type Purse Hooks

To use a Twisting Ring Type Purse Hooks, simply clip it around your purse strap and open one end and hang from the tables. These purse hooks are great for protecting your bag from germs and dirt.

A Twisting Ring Type Purse Hook
  • An S-shaped Purse Hook

The S-shaped Purse Hooks are so versatile, they can be used in almost everything. 


S Type Purse Hook

Here at, we have a selection of beautifully designed high-quality purse hooks that are perfect for your favorite handbags. Our timeless and functional purse hooks will not only protect your bags from germs and dirt but can also be used as a bracelet and purse accessory. They are so easy to use. Simply clip it around your purse strap and if you want to use it, just open one end and hang it from tables. 


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