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Tips on Caring for Your Leather Handbag

Handbags are an investment that should last for a long time if properly maintained. When in use, you may have left some dirt, oils, and stains on your favorite handbags, and when not in use, they may sag, bend, fade or become damaged if they are not stored properly.

You spent money on your bags, so you have to take good care of them to make them last for a long time. To make your favorite designer leather handbag last long, one important thing is knowing how to protect it. Follow these tips to make sure your handbag stays beautiful and good as new when in use and not in use. 

1. Cleaning Your Leather Handbag Properly

One of the best tips for maintaining and caring for your handbag is to clean it after every use. Clean it according to its material specification. If it is a leather bag, use cleaning products suited for leather. Here are some tips on cleaning your handbag.

  • Empty your handbag before cleaning. If your bag has a lining, pull the interior lining outside to remove debris. You can also use a fabric brush to clean the interior.
  • Clean your handbag's hardware by using a metal polish or brass cleaner to brighten the hardware. Be careful to keep the cleaner off the leather or fabric because it might cause discoloration.
  • If you have a leather handbag, finish cleaning using a conditioner to help it remain flexible and stain-resistant.


Handbag with Purse Pillow

 2. Maintain the Shape of Your Leather Handbag

Another way to make your leather handbag last longer and keep its beauty is to maintain its shape. If you're using a non-structured bag, keep its shape by using a base shaper or a purse organizer insert.

A base shaper is a plastic liner that you insert into a handbag to hold your bag's base in shape. It also allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the bottom.

At the same time, a purse organizer insert is a "bag within a bag" that helps organize and protects your handbags. It also allows you to transfer your belongings from one purse to another quickly. 

During storage, maintain your handbag's shape by stuffing it. Depending on your handbag's structure and material, the stuffing will provide support while in storage. Stuffing will give a better shape to your handbag and prevent your bag's material from creasing. 

Here are some stuffing options you can use in your handbag.

  1. Acid-free tissue paper.
  2. Ink-free papers.
  3. Unprinted white t-shirts.
  4. White towels
  5. Handbag pillows


Handbag with Dust Bag

3. Store Your Leather Handbags in their Dust Bags

Most designer handbags come with a dust bag. You should not throw these dust bags and use them to cover your handbag after every use or when storing. The dust bag will help protect your handbag from scratches, dust, lights, and other kinds of damage when they are in your closet. 

4. Store Your Leather Handbags on Shelves

Avoid hanging your handbags from the handles because this may cause wear and tear. Hanging may also damage your bag shape due to all the weight. The best way to store your handbags is to place them on shelves with their dust bags. If you don't have enough shelves for your handbags, you can hang them using hooks but be sure to put them in a container before hanging them. This will keep your handbags in shape and avoid damage to the handles.


Handbag in Shelves

5. Invest in Leather Handbag Care Products

There are certain products you can use to take care of your leather handbag. Invest in leather cleaning products. These will not only help clean your handbag but will also help it last longer. In using cleaning products, read the instructions carefully to ensure that the product is suitable for your handbag's material. 

Now that you know how to care for your precious handbag, you can follow these tips to keep your handbags as good as new for a long time. 

  • Regularly clean your handbag and remove stains right away.
  • Stains from grease, make-up, inks, and other oily products require professional treatment. 
  • The best home remedy for stains is preventive care. It is best to put your oil-based cosmetics, pens, and other items in a protective case. You can also use a purse organizer insert to protect and organize your handbag.
  • You can use nail polish to treat minor scratches for black and brown bags. You may need to send your bag to a professional to get recolored for handbags with exotic colors.
  • Keep the hardware of your handbags shiny by using a metal polisher.
  • Remember always to store your handbag in a dust cover and store it away from extreme lighting and temperature.


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