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Ways To Keep Your Tote Bag Organized

How often have you reached down into your tote bag and began to search for your keys or something? It's frustrating, right? Especially if you're in a hurry. Let us be honest here -  keeping your tote bags organized is difficult.

So rather than continually wasting your time searching your tote bag for what you need, wouldn't it be great if the thing you need is right there every time you open your bag?

If you want to keep your tote bags organized but have no clue how to do it? Don't worry; we are here to help. We made a list of ways on how to keep your tote bag organized. These helpful ways will keep your tote bag tidy and organized, and help curb the chaos, saving you time and stress.

1. Use Tote Organizer

The easiest way to organize your tote is to buy a premade tote organizer. Ideal for arranging your bag's content into an orderly fashion, tote organizer inserts are products that you need for your tote bags. It's available in different sizes and colors. You can guarantee a perfect fit that will turn your tote bag into an organized one. 

Tote's organizer inserts are made with compartments and pockets structured enough to keep all your belongings in their designated spots and stay in place as you tote your bag around. It is also machine washable and affordable and a great investment that will instantly make you more organized. 

Why tote organizers are great?

  • The exterior pockets make it easy to grab your phone.
  • The multi-functional pockets inside allow you to organize your pens, papers, keys, credit cards, and anything you need to carry.
  • It makes transferring your items from one bag to another easy.

Here are our recommended tote organizer inserts:

  • Pursfection TOTE Organizer

This extra-large tote organizer is the perfect solution for your tote, diaper bag, travel bag, workout bag, beach bag, or work bag. The zipped and open pockets keep your cell phone, keys, and other often-used items close at hand and organized.

One additional feature of this tote organizer is it makes switching from one tote bag to another easy. You just have to take the organizer out of one tote bag and slip it into another. Now, with  this tote organizer, you can organize your large tote bags and switch from one to another in seconds.

Pursfection TOTE Organizer - Teal-Floral

  •  Pockets Plus Purse Organizer, Extra Jumbo

This extra-jumbo Purse TO GO Pockets Plus is perfect for a tote bag about 16" long or more. The fabric in this organizer insert is durable and will give your tote bag an excellent shape. This organizer insert liner will help you organize that pile of stuff and help you find your things more quickly. 

Pockets Plus Purse Organizer, Extra Jumbo

Tips in buying tote organizer inserts:

Choose a bright-colored tote organizer insert because it makes it so much easier to see your things inside your tote bag. 

2. Make Use of Pouches

One great way to keep your tote bags organized is by using pouches. Pouches are great for holding those small items that may get lost at the bottom of your tote bag. You can use pouches to categorize your things like storing your sanitizer, bandaids, pens, and medicines in one pouch, while lipstick and makeups in another. These will prevent you from having to rummage through your bag each time you need something.

Having everything organized and pre-packed in separate pouches will allow you to just grab what you need and hit the road while keeping your tote bag organized. As much as possible, use transparent pouches in storing your items. Seeing what is stored in a particular cosmetic bag will help you find what you are looking for easily.


3. Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic bags are perfect for storing smaller items in your bag. Use several cosmetic bags to store your items separately. Keeping your makeup together is a cosmetic bag, makes things easier to find, and will also help keep the inside of your tote bag clean.

Giftcraft Cosmetic Bag - Brown and White Stripe with Mirror

4. Use Zip Envelopes

Receipts and random papers are one of the tote bag's worst problems. The easiest way to organize your tote bag is by using a zipped envelope to store all those loose papers in. This way, you can easily go through your receipts and throw away those old ones that you don't need while filing away what you need to keep.

zip envelop

5.Clean Your Tote Bag Regularly

No matter how great you are at organizing your tote bag, establishing a routine to declutter, and restock is essential. Cleaning your tote bag regularly or at least once a week will give you a chance to declutter and do something with the papers or items you've collected. It will also give you time to replenish any items you need. So, once a week, make time in the morning or evening to make sure your bags are cleaned, organized, and stocked.

Tips in cleaning your tote bag: 

  1. Take everything out of your tote bag.  Be sure to go through the pockets, and once everything is out, clean your tote by turning it upside down and shaking it over a trash can to empty out any objects.
  2. Sort everything into piles and put similar items together in one pouch. 
  3. Throw out any trash or items that you don’t need. Throw away items that need to be thrown away like candy wrappers, expired coupons, or old items that needed to be replaced.
  4. Pack the items that you need the most like, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. 
  5. Use travel-sized items. Instead of carrying large items, opt for travel-sized ones. You may need to refill them often, but they are space savers and will make your bag lighter.


A tote is a must-have bag that almost every woman uses. It helps keep all of the items we need on hand. Unfortunately, it often becomes disorganized and cluttered, making it hard to find anything that you need quickly. Organizing our tote bag is not hard. All it takes is time, effort, and creativity. How do you organize you tote bag? If you'd like to share, message us on our Facebook Page


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