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Why You Need a Purse Organizer

Even been in a situation where you had to look for your things in your handbag or purse but ended up tired and frustrated? If yes, you are not alone; we have experienced this kind of scenario in our lives, especially if we have an unorganized handbag.

In this regard, organizing your stuff is the best way to save yourself from stress and hassle. As you know, nothing works better than a perfect handbag organizer for your favorite handbag. 

For those who might not know, quality bag organizers make it easy to organize and store your things in your handbag and avoid unnecessary inconveniences in your daily life. This blog will discuss why you need a purse organizer insert and how to choose the best organizer insert for your favorite designer handbag. 

What is a Purse Organizer Insert?

A purse organizer insert is a "bag within a bag" that protects your purse and allows you to transfer your belongings from one purse to another quickly. A purse or bag organizer is a great way to keep everything in its place and protect the lining from wear and tear. 

Bags often have small pockets inside that are used for storing lipsticks and other items. Unfortunately, some of these items can leave difficult-to-remove stains. So to protect the lining of your bag from stains and dirt, use a purse organizer.

Why Use a Purse Organizers Insert?

You may wonder why you need to invest in a purse organizer when you already have a bag. Here are a few reasons why you need a purse organizer insert.

1. A Purse Organizer Insert Helps with Organization

A purse organizer insert helps and keeps your items organized inside your handbag. Purse organizer inserts come with several pockets of different shapes for an easy organization.

2. Give Your Bag a Nice Shape

If you love totes, you know how important it is to have a nicely shaped bag. Tote bags are classy and fashionable, but they are challenging to organize. They take the shape of items placed inside them. However, with good-quality purse organizers, your handbag stays in shape even if you put a lot of things inside. 

3. A Purse Organizer Will Protect Your Handbag

A purse organizer insert will protect your handbag's interior from scratches, dirt, and spills. A purse organizer insert will protect the interior linings of your bag from and never come into contact with pens, makeup, and sharp objects like keys. 

Several compartments inside your bag protect some items from getting damaged by others. For example, your pen can't scratch your smartphone. Objects like pens penetrate your bag interiors, leaving permanent stains. But with a bag organizer inserted, the damage is limited to the organizer, not the purse.

4. A Purse Organizer Gives You More Space

A poorly organized bag may seem small and inadequate. You may feel you don't have enough space to put all your items. A purse organizer insert helps maximize space in your bag since it accommodates all the things that might eat up the space in your bag.

5. Purse Organizers Make Switching Bags Easy

Having purse organizers will make it easier for you to change your handbags more often. Moving your items to another bag is easy if all your items are organized inside a purse organizer insert. All you need to do is lift the insert and place it into the second purse. You don't need to unpack and transfer piece by piece and spend more time arranging them in another bag. 

6. A Purse Organizer Helps You Save Time

Digging for your key, pen, or lip balm in a disorganized bag can be frustrating and time-consuming. You've probably been in a situation where you spend a few minutes looking for a particular thing, only to find it lying messily at the bottom. Purse organizer inserts help eliminate these situations because you can locate and get all your belongings quickly and precisely.

Purse Organizer Insert


Purse Organization Tips

1. Be consistent in where you store things within your purse organizer. Remember, always keep your stuff in the same compartment, so it'll be easier to locate when you need them. After a while, you'll be able to get your things from your bag without looking inside.

2. Divide your purse organizer insert into sections, depending on their functions and frequency of use. Like keeping your frequently used items on the front side and putting things you don't need to use often on the backside of your purse organizer. Reserve the zippered compartments for your valuables and makeup. So that if your lipstick comes undone, the damage will be limited to one area. 

3. Do a weekly maintenance to clean and rearrange your purse organizer.

Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert

Purse Bling "Purse Organizer Insert"

Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert

This rectangular-shaped purse organizer insert comes with a zipper pocket perfect for open totes wanting privacy and security for their belongings. The organizer is available in three adjustable sizes to fit any handbag. "Purse Bling's Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert" is designed with flaps to be still roomy even when zipped.

Interior pockets are lined on each side of the organizer to easily access shorter or smaller items inside. These pockets will give you options for all the different things you can carry in your bag. 

Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert sizes:

  • Jumbo:12.5" L x 7.5" H x 5" W
  • Extra Jumbo:14.25" L x 9" H x 6" W
  • Extra Jumbo Short:14.25" L x 7.5" H x 6" W


    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper

    Purse Bling "Purse To GO" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper

    The "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper" is a flexible, oval-shaped, and bucket-style organizer that can expand from top to bottom depending on how much you fill it or how wide your bag is. This well-constructed purse organizer insert is best suited for open tote bags with plenty of open space. The Purse to go style organizer insert comes with interior pockets and is available in 10 different colors for various color choices that will match your needs.

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper size:

    • Large: 13" L x 6" H
    • Jumbo:14.5" L x 7.5" H
    • Extra Jumbo:17.75" L x 8.75" H


    A purse-organized insert is a necessary accessory for your handbags that helps keep your things organized and makes your beloved handbags last longer. So invest in a perfect purse organizer and save your designer bag before it's too late!






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