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Base Shapers: Why You Need One For Your Handbag

Do you have that problem with overloading your bags, stretching out, losing shape, and getting saggy? When you overload your beloved designer bag, it will be misshapen with use, the base will be saggy, and the bottom will have stretch marks. A saggy bag is not only unsightly but also bad for the leather, which may stretch out in time. Well, worry no more! 

One of the available accessories for handbags today is the base shaper. You might be confused about what base shaper to use with so many different sizes and options available. Well, in this blog, we will explore base shapers, what it's for, should you get one, or if it is the right accessory for you.

What is a base shaper?

A base shaper is a plastic liner that you insert in a handbag to hold your bag's base in shape. Base shaper allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the bottom. Most base shapers are made of thick plastic with nice rounded edges to fit your bag. It also comes in a variety of width, lengths, and colors.

What are the sizes of base shapers?

Base shapers are sized to fit popular handbag models. In buying a base shaper, make sure you pick the right size for your handbag. If a base shaper is not the right size or too small, or too large, it will not function that way it is intended to be. 

Handbag Base Shaper

Why do you need a base shaper?

Base shapers provide a more aesthetic purpose and make your handbag more rigid and help them keep in shape when in use. Base shapers are designed to provide a solid base and soft bottom to your handbags. Bags with a less structured base, foldable, and soft such as duffles, totes, and hobos, are the bags that could benefit from base shapers. So if you want your designer bag to last longer, use a base shaper to protect it.

Our purse and handbag base shapers

Our base shapers are designed to fit comfortably at the bottom of your bag to help support it and give it a straight line no matter how much you put in it. Our custom fit base shapers fit most designer bags, including the LV Speedy, LV Neverfull, LV Montorgueil, Longchamp Le Pliage, and more. 


A base shaper may not be a necessary accessory for your handbags, but if you want your beloved handbags to last longer, then you need one. Invest in a base shaper and save your bag before it's too late!


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