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Guide to Buying Designer Handbags

Buying an expensive designer bag for yourself for the first time can be an unforgettable experience. Once you have decided to spend, finding the right brand and model can sometimes take time and effort. To help you find the perfect designer bag, we compiled everything you need before choosing your first designer bag.

How to Choose a Designer Bag?

Shopping for a designer handbag is like shopping for a house. It's about finding the design, size, and brand that feels for you and one that makes you feel special, and you see yourself using often. It's very personal, and you must check and see all the different bag features you like.

Chanel Bag

Designer Handbag Buying Guide

We hope this buying guide will help you feel more confident in purchasing the best handbag, no matter the price, once you have a particular bag in mind, as yourself the following questions.

1. Does The Bag Suit Your Budget?

One of the most important questions you need to ask when buying your first designer handbag. Does the bag suit your budget? If you want a handbag from top-tier luxury brands like Hermes or Chanel, check on their official site to check on prices. Define clearly how much you are willing to spend and make a plan. So you can set a limit or plan to save money to fulfill your bag goal. 

2. Are You Looking to Buy a Trendy Bag or a Classic Bag?

If you are looking for a bag that you can use for a long time. Then choose a handbag that has a more classic design. Classic-designed handbags are timeless and can be worn on different occasions. However, if you are looking for a handbag to wear just for that season or year, then go for a trendy bag. 

3. What Brand do You Prefer?

With several luxury brands on the market, finding precisely what you are looking for can be confusing. But always remember that when it comes to handbags, quality always wins. There are several designer bag brands, but what matters most in choosing is your preferred brand. The famous designer bag brand today are:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes
  • Dior
  • Chanel
  • Balenciaga
  • Fendi
  • Prada 
  • YSL
  • Gucci
  • Celine
Louis Vuitton Bag

4. Choose The Design or Model

Once you've chosen the brand, choosing the right bag model to invest in is the next process. The three essential things you need to consider in selecting a bag model are;

  • The bag's size: Thing of the things you want to carry with you. If you like having everything in one bag, go for a tote bag that can go everywhere. On the other henna, if all you need is your keys, cardholder, and phone, then there is no need for a big tote bag; a mini bag will do. 
  • The bags care requirements: Think of how much time to want to spend cleaning and caring for your new bag and if your schedule allows it. 
  • The occasions where you will be using the bag: Before committing to buying your chosen bag, take into account the occasions you will be using the bag and the outfit you want to wear your new bag, as well as the frequency of using the bag. Do you need a bag that can be used from the office to the gym to dinner with friends? Do you want a timeless bag that fits every gown or cocktail dress you might wear to parties? 

5. What are The Materials of The Bag?

Check the materials of the handbag you're planning to buy. Your choice will depend on your preference. If you like bags that feel soft and luxurious, go for Chanel and Dior bags. Most of their bags are made of lambskin.

However, if you like their handbags to look brand new for a long time, go for bags made of calfskin, caviar, or textured leather.

6. Does The Bag Suit Your Body Type?

If you're torn between several handbag designs. Then try the bag on and see how it looks on your frame. Also, check the shoulder strap length to ensure it's short enough. Make sure that the bag looks good on your body type.

Finding your first designer bag is not as complicated as you think. All you need to do is research and learn the features of the bag you're planning to buy. To keep your designer handbag like new at all times read our blog, "How to Clean Your Designer Leather Handbag."



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