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Purse Organizer for Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbags

Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags have long symbolized timeless luxury and elegance. From their inception, these iconic handbags have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide, becoming a coveted accessory that exudes sophistication. 

However, as any handbag lover knows, keeping the interior of a purse organized can be daunting. The spacious yet undivided nature of the speedy handbag often leads to a jumble of belongings, making it difficult to find items quickly. Fortunately, there is a solution: the purse organizer. 

This blog post will explore the world of purse organizers designed explicitly for Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags. We will explore their benefits, the key features to consider, and how to choose the perfect organizer for your beloved speedy handbag. Say goodbye to cluttered interiors and hello to a perfectly organized luxury accessory that combines style and functionality. 

The History And Design of the Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag

The Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag has a rich history dating back to the 1930s. Originally known as the "Express," it was created as a smaller version of the iconic Keepall travel bag. The speedy handbag quickly gained popularity and became a staple in the world of fashion, beloved by celebrities, influencers, and handbag enthusiasts.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the speedy handbag showcases the renowned Louis Vuitton monogram canvas or other elegant materials like Epi leather or Damier Ebene. It features signature Vachetta leather handles, trim, and golden brass hardware, adding to its luxurious appeal.

The Challenges of Organizing The Speedy Handbag

While the speedy handbag's roomy interior is undoubtedly desirable, it presents a challenge regarding organization. Unlike bags with built-in compartments or dividers, the speedy's undivided interior requires careful planning to keep belongings in order.

Without designated compartments, items can become quickly cluttered, making it challenging to locate specific things quickly. Small essentials such as keys, lip balm, or pens may get lost among larger items, resulting in frustration and inefficiency.

Additionally, the absence of pockets or compartments can lead to potential damage, as items may rub against each other or become tangled. This is particularly important for delicate accessories like sunglasses or jewelry that require extra protection.

These organizational challenges highlight the need for a purpose-built solution to maximize the functionality and efficiency of the Speedy handbag. A purse organizer designed for speedy can help address these issues, allowing you to enjoy the spacious interior without sacrificing order and accessibility.

    Interior of LV Speedy Handbag

    The Need for a Purse Organizer

    Handbags are more than just fashion accessories; they are essential tools that carry our daily essentials and help us navigate our busy lives. However, without proper organization, a handbag can quickly become a chaotic abyss, making it difficult to find what we need when we need it. That's where the importance of organization comes in. A well-organized handbag saves time, reduces frustration, enhances efficiency, and ensures everything has its place.

    Speedy handbag owners face unique challenges when it comes to organization. The spacious and undivided interior of the speedy can make it a bit overwhelming to keep belongings neatly arranged. 

    Without designated compartments or pockets, smaller items can easily get lost among larger ones, leading to a time-consuming search. Additionally, the absence of an internal structure can cause things to shift and potentially become damaged while in transit. These challenges make it crucial for Speedy handbag owners to find effective solutions to maintain order within their handbags.

    Benefits of Using Purse Organizer Insert

    The use of a purse organizer provides numerous benefits for speedy handbag owners. These are:

    1. A purse organizer offers a range of compartments and pockets that allow for a systematic arrangement of belongings. Items can be categorized and easily accessed, eliminating the need to rummage through a cluttered bag.
    2. A purse organizer adds structure to the speedy handbag's interior, helping maintain its shape and prevent items from shifting or getting tangled. A well-fitted organizer keeps the bag neat and tidy even during movement.
    3. A purse organizer provides additional protection for delicate items by creating a barrier between them, preventing scratches or damage caused by contact with other objects. Sunglasses, jewelry, and electronic devices can be safely stored in their designated compartments.
    4. A purse organizer offers versatility. It can be easily transferred between handbags, allowing seamless organization regardless of the chosen accessory. This flexibility ensures that you can maintain order and efficiency no matter which bag you carry.

    Purse Bling Purse Organizer Inserts for LV Speedy Bags

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

    Most women find the speedy 30 the ideal size compared to other Louis Vuitton Speedy because it matches most heights and frames. The dimensions of the speedy 30 are 30 x 21 x 17 cm. The speedy 30 does not have a strong base and can sag at the bottom when items are placed inside the handbag, but with a purse organizer insert that is well-structured, your favorite speedy 30 will keep its shape even if it is full of stuff inside.

    Purse Organizer Inserts for LV Speedy 30

    Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert

    Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert - Jumbo

    This adjustable purse organizer is a perfect fit for speedy 30. The Purse Bling Exclusive Purse Organizer Insert is made of a sturdy, soft, lightweight, and pliable material that will give a soft structure to your speedy 30 while keeping your belongings organized inside. The zipper on top will add protection and privacy to your belongings. These organizer inserts also come in 16 attractive colors.

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper - Jumbo

    If you want security and privacy on your speedy 30, opt for the Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style organizer Insert with Zipper. This organizer is designed with flaps, so it's still roomy even when zipped. It comes in 9 different colors. The materials used in this purse organizer are sturdy, soft, lightweight, and pliable, excellent for giving a soft structure to your speedy 30.

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

    A classic and luxurious LV piece that never goes out of style, The speedy 35 has an ultra-spacious interior that can carry your belongings wherever you go. The dimensions of the speedy 35 are 35 x 23 x 18 cm.

    Purse Organizer Inserts for LV Speedy 35

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper Unavailable

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper - Extra Jumbo

    This premium "Purse TO GO" Style Organizer Insert with zipper is perfect if you want privacy and security on your speedy 35. This organizer is designed with flaps, so it's still roomy even when zipped. It comes in 9 different colors and three different sizes. This organizer is a poly-nylon fabric, but underneath the fabric is interfacing to give your speedy 35 a soft structure.

    Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

    The largest among all speedy bags, the speedy 40 is a stylish, roomy bag designed for both travel and daily use. This speedy makes a perfect traveling or overnight bag for a traveling woman. With its unmistakable silhouette, rolled leather handles, and engraved signature padlock, the Speedy 40 is a timeless handbag. The dimensions of the speedy 40 are 40 x 25 x 19 cm

    Purse Organizer Inserts for LV Speedy 40

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper

    Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert with Zipper - Extra Jumbo

    The Purse Bling' Purse To Go" Style Organizer insert is perfect to avoid fumbling with zippers whenever you need to grab something from your speedy 40. This oval-shaped bucket-style organizer comes in 11 colors and has pockets for everything. Perfect for organizing your belongings while giving your speedy 40 bag a soft structure. The fit may seem tight at first, but fill it and live with it for a few days, and it should be great.

    Choosing the Right Purse Organizer for Your Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag

    Tips for selecting the perfect organizer that suits your individual needs and preferences: 

    1. Assess Your Needs: Determine the specific items you carry daily and the level of organization you require.
    2. Size Compatibility: Ensure the organizer is designed to fit the dimensions of your Speedy handbag.
    3. Personalization: Look for organizers that offer customizable compartments or dividers to suit your preferences.
    4. Material Quality: Opt for a high-quality material that is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.
    5. Versatility: Consider an organizer that can be used interchangeably with other handbags in your collection.

    Factors to consider, such as color, design, and compatibility with the Speedy handbag size:

    1. Color and Design: Choose an organizer that complements your style and preferences. Consider matching or contrasting colors with your speedy handbag for a cohesive look.
    2. Design Features: Evaluate the design elements, such as the number and size of compartments, pocket styles, and additional features like zippered sections or removable inserts.
    3. Size and Fit: Ensure the organizer is specifically designed to fit the size of your Speedy handbag, as different Speedy models may have varying dimensions.

    Maintaining and Caring for Your Purse Organizer and Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag

    Tips on cleaning and maintaining the purse organizer to ensure longevity: 

    1. Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: Refer to any care instructions provided by the organizer's manufacturer.
    2. Regular Cleaning: Clean the organizer periodically by gently wiping it with a soft, damp cloth or using a mild soap solution. Avoid submerging the organizer in water.
    3. Air Dry: Allow the organizer to air dry completely before reusing it to prevent moisture-related issues.

    Tips for preserving the condition of the Speedy handbag while using a purse organizer: 

    1. Handle with Care: Be mindful of handling and storing your handbag to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
    2. Avoid Overstuffing: While the organizer provides additional compartments, avoid overfilling your handbag, as excessive weight and strain can cause damage.
    3. Regularly Rotate Items: Rotate the items in your handbag to prevent excessive pressure on specific areas and maintain the bag's shape.
    4. Protect from Moisture and Sunlight: Keep your handbag away from excessive moisture, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures to avoid potential damage to the material.


    A purse organizer is an invaluable accessory for Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag owners seeking optimal organization and efficiency. The Speedy handbag's iconic design and spacious yet undivided interior present unique challenges for keeping belongings in order. However, these challenges can be easily overcome with a purpose-built purse organizer.

    Incorporating a purse organizer into your Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag maximizes its functionality and adds convenience and style to your daily routine. Embrace the organization's benefits and make the most of your luxurious accessory with a purpose-built purse organizer tailored to suit your needs. Stay organized, stay stylish, and enjoy the

    Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag Facts

    LV Speedy Design

    The classic design of speedy is what you want in a handbag; signature LV canvas, durable and smooth rolled top handles, stylish piping, and a traditional silhouette that you see most in everyday bags. The monogram canvas is truly iconic and stylish, with a functional shape and design.

    Everything in speedy's design is made to last forever. The rear and wear can't damage the speedy bag because its canvas is waterproof and scuffs-proof. Recently, Louis Vuitton upgraded to a more expensive speedy version that comes with a shoulder strap—known as Speedy Bandouliere, which is the shoulder bag version of Louis Vuitton's Speedy collection.

    LV Speedy Materials

    The Speedy comes in several materials and colors:

    • Monogram coated canvas (color: brown with LV monogram and light vachetta leather)
    • Damier Ebene (color: brown check with dark brown leather)
    • Damier Azur (color: blue and white checkers)
    • Monogram Empreinte embossed leather
    • Epi leather
    • Mini Lin/Idylle Canvas
    • Denim
    • Limited Edition styles like Stephen Sprouse Graffiti and Yayoi Kusama Monogram Dots

    LV Speedy Size Comparison


    LV Speedy 25   LV Speedy 30    LV Speedy 35     LV Speedy 40

    What is LV Speedy Bandouliere?

    The Speedy Bandouliere (means "with a strap" in French) was introduced in 2011. The Speedy Bandouliere is the shoulder bag version of LV Speedy and has a two-way zip closure for easy opening and closing.


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