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Guide to Coach Bags

Usually, when we’re looking for a classic designer, buy-now-wear forever bag, Coach, immediately comes to mind. Coach is one of the famous fashion houses of today. Since its establishment in the 12940s, this New York fashion house has expanded into clothes and other accessories, but is known more for its timeless bags and accessories.

Coach is a perfect everyday companion for women. The coach fashion house has a bag for every need and style, from mini bags to travel-friendly totes. So to answer all your questions regarding Coach bags, we made this guide for you.

History of Coach Bags

The coach brand has a rich history that dates back to the 1940s when it started in a loft as a family-run business in Manhattan. It began with six employees who made leather wallets and cash holders by hand with high-quality leather. The company grew over the years, expanding into baseball gloves and then into eyewear, key fobs, ready-to-wear garments, and leather bags.

Today, the company has become a famous huge worldwide brand because of its quality craftsmanship and quality leather. It is considered a global leader in luxury handbags and accessories.

The Most Famous Coach Bag Styles

These are the most iconic designs of Coach handbags.

1. The Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is considered the most iconic Coach Design of all time. Produced in 1971, the duffle bag has a soft and slouchy silhouette and is a hit with many women because of its easy-to-use and practical bag.

Coach Duffle Bag

2. The Saddle Bag

The saddle bag became the United Airlines Stewardess official bag in the 1980s and is adored by many because of its flaps and compartments.

Coach Saddle Bag

3. The Dinky

The dinky was the brainchild of Bonnie Cashin and is described by many as “the little bag" that could and is loved by everyone.

Dinky Coach Bag

4. The Slim Satchel

The slim sachet was created in 1974 and is known for its distinctive structural handles and curved side binding.

Slim Satchel Bag

5. Coach Tote Bag

The Coach tote bags like the Tyler bag and Coach Field Tote bag are also popular bag designs for the Coach brand.

Coach Tote Bag

6. Coach Tabby Bag

The Coach Tabby Bag has been one of Coach’s most popular bags for the past years. It is perfectly worn over the shoulder or as a cross-body bag. It comes with detachable straps of different colors. It’s an excellent and chic bag, perfect, for every fashionista.

Coach Tabby Bag

7. Coach Willow Shoulder Bag

The Coach Willow Shoulder Bag is a fashionable larger-size bag that is perfect for anyone who likes to carry more around.

Coach Willow Shoulder Bag

8. Coach Pillow Tabby

The coach Pillow Tabby is the newer, cuter, and more modern bag. It is a perfect summer bag and comes in a more extensive and mini size. 

Coach Pillow Tabby Bag

Cleaning Your Coach Bags

Coach bags are investment pieces you’ll want to carry for as long as possible. So it is very important to care for them properly and clean them as needed. There are several types of coach bags, and here are some tips on cleaning them to keep them for a long time.

How to Clean a Coach Leather Bag:

  1. Turn your coach bag upside down to remove the dust.
  2. Hoover the corners of the bag gently to clean away any trapped dirt or dust.
  3. To clean the outside leather, wipe the bag with a clean, dye-free cloth damped with water. Avoid wiping the hardware.
  4. If the damped cloth does not remove the dirt. You can use leather cleaning products such as leather cream. This will remove the dirt and clean it off while giving your bag a light protective layer.
  5. Allow the bag to dry before properly storing it in your closet.

How to Clean Coach Canvas or Coated Canvas Bag

  1. The coated canvas is a very durable bag and can be cleaned by wiping the dirt with a clean damp cloth. 
  2. If a damp cloth does not remove the dirt, you can use a canvas cleaner to remove the dirt. 
  3. Always read the cleaning instructions and conduct a test before cleaning the whole bag.

Cleaning Your Coach Bag’s Hardware

The hardware details in your handbag over time can encounter wear and tear. So cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep them clean and like new at all times. However, below are a few ways of cleaning your hardware to keep them like new all the time.

  • Use a soft cloth to get rid of any dirt and any minor scratches that have accumulated.
  • Dip an old soft-bristled toothbrush in a cleaning detergent (choose one that is safe for metals), and then clean the metal area using small circular motions.
  • Dry the metal hardware with a cotton ball or Q-Tip. Polish it with a dry clean cloth for an extra shine.

How to Know if Your Coach Bag is Authentic

Replica designer bags are common, and Coach bags are no exception. Knowing how to spot a fake Coach bag can be helpful if you're looking to purchase outside of Coach's official stores and website. Here are some tips to help you identify a fake Coach bag.

1. Check the Bag’s Quality

Coach bags are made from expensive and authentic materials such as high-quality leather. So if the bags appear overly smooth and are made from synthetic leather, they are fake bags. 

The stitching of Coach bags is clean and even and of the same length. The stitching should also be straight and not over-stitched. 

Most Coach purses have a solid-color and satin lining. The” CC” print may be on the outside or inside of the bag. However, you should remember that Coach bags should never have a “CC” pattern both outside and inside.

2. Check Logos and Tags

The “CC” Pattern: Coach bags with the signature C design have a very set arrangement such as both Cs should be horizontal, facing each other and touching. The Cs should start at the center of the bag's front panel, and there should be breaks in the pattern, and even seams and pockets.

Coach bags with “C’ patterns are usually the ones that are faked, so carefully inspect the bag before buying one. Also, make sure that the Cs are not Gs. 

The labels are often found on the hardware outside and inside the bag. An example is the Coach leather creed, a leather patch embossed inside containing the bag’s serial number. The serial number on the leather patch is stamped, not printed.

Bags from the 1960s do not have serial numbers, and bags from the 1970s and 1980s have serial numbers with only numbers, not letters and numbers like the newer bags. Some Coach bags, like in the Legacy series, have serial numbers stamped and inked in gold-tone ink. 

Some Coach bags come with logo tags that are leather tags attached to the bag with a beaded chain. The logo of the Coach bag should be raised, not imprinted.

The pull of the zippers of a real Coach bag is made of either leather or rings, and some bags have the letters “YKK” engraved on the zipper's metal.

Caoach Bag Serial Number

3. Examine the Other Factors

Other factors you should consider looking for in real Coach bags are:

  • Compare the bag to the pictures on the Coach website. If you think something about the bag seems off, you can compare it to the image of the real version from the website. It will help you determine the labels of that particular bag and how it should look. 
  • Check if the deal is too good to be true. Check the price on the website. If the price of the bag offered to you is too good to be true, it's a red flag.
  • Make sure you are buying an authentic Coach bag. Buy only from reputable vendors, official Coach stores, and websites. 





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