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How To Keep Your Designer Handbag Like New

Do you like designer handbags? Handbags are a wise investment. They keep their value over time and are not tied to the latest fashion trends like clothes or shoes. So if you enjoy spending money on your wardrobe, spend it on designer handbags. 

Designer handbags are durable, but in the long run, the wear and tear will show up if you don't know how to take care of these precious designer handbags. Below are care tips on how to keep your designer handbag like new.

Know the Materials of Your Designer Bag

One of the essential things you need to do in caring for your designer handbag is to know what type of material your handbag is made of. Knowing your handbag's materials will let you know the right products for cleaning your handbag because some materials may require different instructions for cleaning and preserving them. Leather handbags need a leather cleaner, while other materials have specific products to keep them clean and looking new. You can also use a damp cloth in the wiping leather bag and a dry cloth in the cleaning suede bag. Cleaning your bag regularly is also a must. 

It is also essential to store your leather bag in a no-light or low-light environment because direct sunlight will decrease its color quality. Find a storage area for your leather bag with the right humidity to ensure it has enough moisture to keep it looking new.



PurseBling Purse Organizer Insert


Use Purse Organizers 

Bags often have small pockets inside that store lipsticks and other accessories. These accessories can leave stains that are difficult to remove. So to protect the lining of your bag from stains and dirt, use a purse organizer. A purse organizer insert is a "bag within a bag" that protects your purse and allows you to quickly transfer your belongings from one purse to another.

Purse organizers can also:

  • Help organize items in your bag
  • Add structure and prevent your handbag from sagging.
  • It makes switching bags easier and faster.
  • Help keep your bag from pen marks, dust, and stains.
  • It prevents sharp objects such as keys from damaging your bag's interior.

Tips in Choosing Purse Organizer

  • Choose a structured purse organizer for less structured bags made of soft fabric.
  • For well-structured bags that can stand on their own, choose an unstructured purse organizer that can easily fit your bag.
  • If you like stuffing things in your bag, choose a purse organizer with lots of pockets.

Clean Your Bags Regularly

Clean your bags regularly but avoid over-cleaning them. Build-up chemicals used in cleaning can also contribute to destroying your bags. Over time, leather bags can get dull from oils on the skin, perfumes, or hairsprays. Clean your leather bags at least once a week to reduce light soiling. The inside of your leather purse can also get dirty. So wash any interior stains with soap and water and allow your handbag to dry before replacing or storing its contents.

Give Your Bags Some TLC

Besides, giving your bags an excellent clean regularly also helps if you give them some tender loving care. Handle your bags with care and with clean hands, as you don't want natural oils and grime on your handbags.

Another thing is never to put your handbag on the floor. Floors are full of germs, so why place your precious bag down there? If possible, always place your bags on the back of your chair, lap, or the neighboring seat. You can also use a handbag table hook to help keep your bag off the floor. Handbag table hooks are an affordable option, and you can carry them along wherever you go.



handbag Dust Bag



Keep Your Dust Bag

Your designer bag usually has a dust bag to protect it from dust and dirt. Keep them! So you can use it when storing your bag to ensure that they are protected from dust and lights to stay in its original condition. Cover metals like zippers and buttons with plastic to avoid stains from forming over time on the fabric they lie on. Dust Bags will keep your investment bags free of dust and prevent color transfer when placing them next to other items in your closet.

Store Your Bags With Inside Support

Your handbag needs to sit and stand right for everyone to see and appreciate its full beauty. Once it loses its proper structure, you lose its sophistication and aesthetical value and your money's worth. So when storing, make sure to stuff the interior of your handbag with pillow purse inserts to keep the shape intact and keep it looking like new. Simply place a  Bag-a-Vie handbag pillow insert inside your bags when you are not using it. These pillow inserts will help your handbag keep its shape longer and will protect it from moisture. 

You can also stuff your bags with bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper to keep the shape intact. Avoid using crumpled scratch papers or newspapers fill up your bag as the ink may rub off the materials inside and create stains.

Store Bags On A Shelf

Sometimes your off-season bags are stored in the deepest depths of your closet, but bags shouldn't be kept that way. Don't hang your bags in your closet because this is one cause of wear and tear on the handles from the weight and will distort your bag's shape. The best way to store your bags is to put them on a shelf or a flat ledge. This way, you don't stretch the handles and protect it from accidental spills. You can also use spacious and easily accessible containers that you can slide out when you need to use them. As much as possible, don't fill one container with too many bags to avoid damaging them. 

When you spend money on a handbag, you want it to last for a long time. Follow these tips, and your designer handbags will always look new and last longer than you expected!



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