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How To Organize Your Purse

Purses are an essential item and even considered as a woman's best friend. It helps keep all the things you need on hand, and it's always by your side. Unfortunately, with a blink of an eye, they can turn into an endless pit, and you can't find what you are looking for if they are not organized. 

The thing is, as a busy woman, we feel like we always need to be prepared for our kids, work, and for all of life's surprises. We want to be prepared and ready for everything, but when we start carrying everything, we could ever need on our shoulders, we start to be unorganized and chaotic rather than prepared. So if your excess baggage is weighing you down, it's time to change! There is a way to end all the digging in your purse just to find what you need. In this blog, I will show you how to clean and organize your purses.

Why You Need To Organize Your Purse

Keeping your purse organized is important for many reasons. Carrying around all that extra weight is not great for a woman's health too. Heavy purses might cause back and neck strain, poor posture, and other problems. Limiting your bag's contents to just the essentials will make it easier for you to carry other items like groceries. It will also be easy for you to find your keys, hand sanitizer, phone, and cards when you need them.

How To Clean Your Purse 

1. Empty Your Purse And Sort Out All The Contents

Empty your purse completely. Be sure to go through all of your purse's pockets, including the interior and exterior. Lay out the contents on towels or paper towels. Once everything is out, sort out the contents and discard the used receipts and other items you no longer need. Create a grouping of all the things you will carry in your bag by putting together similar items like makeup, medication, receipts, etc.

2. Clean Your Purse

Once you have everything out, use this as a chance to clean your purse as well.Cleaning will keep the beauty of your purse and will make them look new always. You can clean your purse by turning it upside down and shaking it thoroughly over the trash can to empty any small objects. Turn the lining inside out to shake off any crumbs and lint. If possible, use a lint roller or soft brush attachment to your vacuum to clean out all the residue. Use the right cleaning product and follow the manufacturer's instructions in cleaning your purse to avoid damaging the leather or any material that your purse is made of.

3. Remove Any Item That You Don't Need

Decide what you want to keep in your purse and remove any items you don't need. Throw away things that need to be thrown away like candy wrappers and expired coupons. Set aside items that don't belong in your purse, like a pair of extra sets of makeup. 

4. Keep What You Use

Once your purse is cleaned, organize the contents on your purse by keeping what you need. This will depend on your needs and how you organize things. Items that you should always carry in your purse are:

  • Cell Phone with hands-free set
  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Individually packaged hand wipes
  • Pens
  • Small notepad
  • Sunglasses with case
  • Extra Face Mask
  • Small makeup pouch
  • Medication pouch (includes your medicines, band-aid, and feminine products)
  • Wallet with cards, cash, and ID
  • Keyholder with keys
Purse  with Purse Organizer Insert

How To Organize Your Purse

1. Pack The Items That You Often Use

These include wallet, sunglasses, keys, hand sanitizer, face mask, and lip balm.Consider using a purse organizer insertto will help organize your things. These will make it easier to reach and grab any item you might need from your purse.

Suppose you don't have a purse organizer insert. In that case, small pouches can help you contain your item and make things easy to recognize as to what goes in what pouch as much as possible. Usedifferent colored pouches because this will make it easier to tell what is in each pouch. For example, put your lipstick and makeup items on a pink pouch, hair items in a black pouch, and bills and receipts in a brown pouch. Make some system that allows you to remember what is in each pouch easily.

2. Consider Using Travel-sized Items

Instead of carrying full-sized items such as lotions, hand sanitizer, opt for travel-sized ones instead. You may need to refill them more often, but they will save space, as well as lighten your purse.

3. Putting Your Purse Back Together

Now that you've cleaned your bags and taken out all those extra items, the last step is to decide what things you use often. Put these items in the most accessible pockets. You can organize your purse vertically if you're using a tall purse or horizontally if you're using a short purse.

Tips In Organizing Your Purse

  • Create a system in organizing your purse so that purse organization will be easier to maintain, such as making a weekly purse cleaning schedule.
  • Use a slim key-chain to hold both your keys and most used items like driver's license, debit card, or work ID.
  • Reduce the amount of makeup you store in your purse. Just bring the basics for retouching.
  • If you're using pouches to store your items, have a separate pouch for each set of items. You don't want to keep your receipt with your makeup!
  • If possible, append a few minutes each night to empty those extra items from your bag and ensure that each item is in its home. This way, you'll be able to keep your purse organized and ready for the next day.
  • Another tip that might work for you is keeping a small ziplock-type bag in your purse and using it as your portable trash bag to collect candy wrappers, used tissues, and receipts. This will make it easier to clean your purse at the end of the day.
  • Using a purse organizer insert to organize your purse is a great trick because it makes organizing easy, and you can make switching purse easy and fast.






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