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Tips on Buying a Handbag

Handbags are an excellent investment for most women, and while there are many options on the market, finding the right fit for you could be a little difficult sometimes. Buying a handbag is not just popping up to the shops; pick and bag, and there you have it. You must first consider several factors to ensure you're spending your hard earned money on the right investment. So here are our tips on buying a perfect handbag for you.


1. Purpose

Why are you buying a new handbag? Are you going to use it as an everyday work bag, evening bag, or travel bag? Always keep in mind your reason for buying a handbag. Too many beautiful designer handbags are available for sale, and you might be overwhelmed if you do not stick to your purpose. You also want a handbag that works well will your style but is versatile enough for any style upgrade. 

2. Size and Weight

One of the most important factors to remember when buying a handbag is the correct size. Think about the essentials you always carry in your bag and ensure your new bag has enough room to accommodate them. If you want to keep more items in your bag, you must buy a spacious bag. 

Consider also the weight of the bag you want to buy. Avoid buying heavy bags because your essentials will surely add weight. Heavy bags will also cause stress and pain in your arms and shoulders. 

3. Quality

You will be spending your hard-earned money on the new handbag. So make sure the quality is worth every penny. Closely check the leather, stitching, and hardware. Do not mind expending an extra amount if the handbag is of supreme quality. If you are planning to buy online, be sure to read the reviews to ensure the bag quality and legitimacy of the seller. 

4. Style

If you want to be able to use your handbag for many seasons or different occasions, try to avoid buying trendy bags that can be worn in a few months but will be out of fashion for the next season. Try stylish classic handbags that can be worn anytime. Trendy handbags often have more embellishments, such as fringes, buttons, and moreover, the more classic, clean style.

5. Materials

Do you want a leather, canvas, or synthetic bag? You must select a bag material based on your preference. Whatever material you prefer, be sure to clean or store your handbag according to the care instructions that come with the bag. 

Your values will also affect the kind of material you will choose. For example, if you are against animal cruelty, you can select vegan leather, which is also durable and has a wider aesthetic scope compared to the original leather bags. 

The good thing is that nowadays there is something for everyone. Brands started to develop processes that would suit everyone’s values. For example, some brands tan their leather ecologically using 100% vegan materials that are of good quality and last a lifetime. 

Designer Bags Details

6. Details

Carefully look at the details of the bag you want to purchase. How the lining, stitching, straps, hardware, compartments, finishing touches, and other details give you the impression of the overall quality of the bag. Look for a bag that is easy to wear, open and close, and comfortable. 

Handbags are meant to be carried around, so you must consider how easily you can carry your handbag. Consider also the length of the handles and how they will fit if you put them on. Another thing to consider is the security of your belongings if you want a more secure bag, oft for handbags with zippers or button tops.  

When you buy a bag, it is also essential to consider the color. Choose a handbag that will match most of your wardrobes, so you won’t have to spend more cash on buying many bags to match your wardrobes.

7. Price

Price is one of the most important considerations you have to make in buying your new handbag. Whether you’re buying a luxury designer handbag or an unbranded one, keep a realistic budget in mind. There is no point in overspending or going into debt just because you want to invest in a handbag. 

Some shops could be selling an over-priced handbag, so it is better to compare prices and shops. Researching the market price will also help you save money and make a good decision.


Lastly, as you search for your next investment handbag, don’t forget the essential thing, which is to buy a bag that makes you happy and suits your personality but also keeps in mind the tips mentioned above to make sure your money is invested in a worthy course. Thank you for reading our blog. Read “Care Tips for Designer Handbags” to learn o how to care for your designer handbags. 





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