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Purse Bling Blog

If your excess baggage is weighing you down, it's time to change! There is a way to end all the digging in your purse to find what you need. This blog will show you how to clean and organize your bags.

Just like art pieces, watches, jewelry, and antiques, designer handbags have become exclusive collectible assets, which led to a question, are designer bags a good investment? Well, this blog will assess the pros and cons of designer bags and let you decide whether it is a good investment for you or not.

Buying an expensive designer bag for yourself for the first time can be an unforgettable experience. Once you have decided to spend, finding the right brand and model can sometimes take time and effort. To help you find the perfect designer bag, we compiled everything you need before choosing your first designer bag.

Bags are a wise investment. This is the belief of many women who love collecting designer bags. This is true because bags are less tied to trends than shoes or clothes, and they keep their value over time. That is, if you take good care of them!.


With so many sizes and options available, you might be wondering what base shaper to use. In this blog, we explore purse base shapers to help you determine what it really is for and help you decide whether it is the right accessory for you.
Coach is a perfect everyday companion for women. The coach fashion house has a bag for every need and style, from mini bags to travel-friendly totes.
Handbags are an investment that should last for a long time if properly maintained. When in use, you may have left some dirt, oils, and stains on your favorite handbags, and when not in use, they may sag, bend, fade or become damaged if they are not stored properly. You spent money on your bags, so you have to take good care of them to make them last for a long time. To make your favorite designer handbag last long, one important thing is knowing how to protect it. Follow these tips to make sure your handbag stays beautiful and good as new when in use and not in use.

If you're like most women, your handbag is probably a catch-all for everything from your wallet and keys to your cell phone and makeup. But with a bit of help from a handbag organizer insert, it doesn't have to be this way! Here are five ways to use an insert to organize your purse.

Taking care of our handbags is not always at the top of our priority, but think about how long they will last if we take good care of them. So whether your bag is a designer or a cheap one, here are some tips for making it last longer.
Handbags are an excellent investment for most women, and while there are many options on the market, finding the right fit for you could be a little difficult sometimes.
We all love our handbags. They are a part of our wardrobe, constant companions, and are always on our side. So they deserve to be treated with utmost care. The need to maintain our designer handbags is a must, as constant use might cause these precious carryalls to wear out faster. But, we often don't know or have little knowledge of the basics of handbag care. So we compiled this care tips list to help you preserve your investment designer handbag for as long as possible. 

Designer handbags are durable, but in the long run, the wear and tear will start to show up if you don't know how to take care of these precious designer handbags. Below are care tips on how to keep your designer handbag like new.



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