Purse Bling "Purse To Go" Style Organizer Insert - Jumbo

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Measuring approximately 14.5 " Long x 7.5" Tall, this flexible, oval-shaped, bucket-style organizer is similar to the Purse To Go Organizer. It goes from flat to about 5" wide at the bottom (in the center). At the top it can go up to about 7.5" wide at the center, it all depends on how much you fill it and how wide your bag is. The 14.5" length is given flat. When you fill the organizer the length will shrink to about 12.5" long. This organizer is a poly-nylon fabric, but underneath the fabric is interfacing to give it a soft structure. The bottom is fabric only (no interfacing).

There are pockets lining the inside of this organizer insert. All the pockets are 4.75" tall and come in the following widths: 5.5", 4.5", 3", 4", 3.25", 2", and 2 pen pockets about 1.75". All dimensions are approximate. These pockets are flat sewn with no gussets, but they will give a little over time.

Please note that there is no velcro on these so they don't adjust in length, and there is no chance of them damaging delicate linings. Purse Bling Brand organizers are assembled and sewn in the USA!

Most people like this size organizer in the following bags:

LV Speedy 30
LV Neverfull MM (this will be a loose fit, a good if you cinch the sides of the bag or carry a tablet or notebooks. If you'd like a snug fit please use the Extra-jumbo size!)
LV Palermo PM
LV Delightful MM
LV Delightful PM (older model before 2015)
LV Montorgueil GM
LV Tivoli GM
LV Artsy MM
LV Trevi PM
LV Totally MM
LV Galleria PM
Gucci Sukey Medium
Coach Alex Tote
Balenciaga City
Longchamp Le Pliage Small Long Handles
Longchamp Planetes Medium Short Handles
Longchamp Victoire Medium Long or Short Handles
Longchamp LM Small Long Handles

***All organizers are used at your own risk. We are not responsible for any transfer of color onto your linings or items you carry in any purse organizer. It doesn't happen often, but we have heard of red dye rubbing off on phone cases and other light-colored items. It is possible for very light colored linings to be damaged as well. Please choose your organizer color carefully to avoid any damage. Our liability is limited to the cost of the purse organizer. Any size suggestions are guidelines only and not guaranteed - depending on what you carry in your bag, and your preferences, you may like a different size than those suggested.

***Please note: Bottom trim color may not match body color exactly. Color can vary due to monitor differences, lighting, and dye lot or fabric changes.

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