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Purse Hanger - Polished Silver

  • Holds heavy bags up to 33 lbs.
  • Hangs single or double strap bags in a variety of spaces.
  • The circular design opens to hold bags then automatically closes.
  • Keep on the bag strap, purse fittings, or wrist for instant use.
  • Slim profile works nearly everywhere.
  • Black, non-slip pads on each end for a secure grip.
  • Doubles as a bracelet.

Protect your bag from germs, water, and dirt where you need it the most: bathroom stalls missing a hook, cubicle walls, germy airplane tray tables, carts, strollers, and dozens of other places. Great for business bags, backpacks even umbrellas. Installs in seconds no set-up! Simply clip it around your purse strap. To use, open one end and hang from tables, almost anywhere.

Color and Finish:Polished Silver
Material:High strength alloy
Diameter, outside:2.8"
Diameter, inside:2.2"
Opens to: 3.75"
Weight:1.5 oz


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