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Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert - Jumbo

Hot Pink
Royal Blue

Size & Fitment

> BETTER MATERIAL & ZIPPER DESIGN: Polyester/Nylon Purse Organizer with High-Quality Zipper. Organizer Material is Sturdy, Soft, Lightweight, and Pliable.

> ADJUSTABLE FOR THE PERFECT FIT: Need it Smaller? No Problem! We Added Snaps at Both Ends to Reduce the length in One-Inch Increments to Make the Organizer Shorter and Narrower.

> BETTER PROTECTION: Keep Your Valuables Safe with the Built-in Zipper. Our Organizer also Protects the Inside of Your Purse and Keeps it Looking New!


Adjustable size and fitment

The zipper across the top of this organizer makes it perfect for open totes where you need a little privacy and security. We've designed this organizer with flaps so that you still have a roomy organizer even when zipped. Even better, you can still snap the sides with this organizer. The zipper has long overhangs at the ends so that you can fully open the organizer and easily access everything in it.

You may not be able to fit very bulky items in pockets that are right in front or behind each other, in fact, you may not be able to use every single pocket. It depends on what you carry in your purse. The pockets give you lots of options for all the different things you carry. Pocket sizes are approximate. Some of the pockets will be tight at first, but they will loosen up with time. There is a handy key tether and a loop for attaching a coin purse or an additional key ring. There are also two elastic bands perfect for securing an eyeglass case, baby bottle, water bottle, or small umbrella.

We suggest purchasing the size that will fit the purses you carry the most - when adjusted all the way down to the smallest size there will be flaps of folded material inside the organizer - so the adjustment feature is best if used in purses you don't use as often.

We'd love your feedback - please let us know what size Purse Bling Exclusive Organizer you have and what bag you're using it in. That will help other shoppers tremendously!



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