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Ideas on How to Organize Your Handbag

A handbag is an essential item for almost all women, but sometimes it becomes an endless pit of our things. Keeping your bag organized is a must if you want to find anything you want easily. But how do you keep your handbag organized?
Handbags come in all shapes and sizes, but organizing them is easy if you follow our ideas. These ideas are easy to follow, but it may take time and practice to keep your handbag organized at all times. ‌ ‌

Why You Need To Organize Your Handbag

Keeping your handbag organized is essential for many reasons. Carrying around all that extra weight is not great for a woman's health, too. Heavy bags might cause back and neck strain, poor posture, and other problems. Limiting your bag's contents to essentials will make it easier for you to carry other items like groceries. You can also easily find your keys, hand sanitizer, phone, and cards when you need them.


Ideas on How to Organize Your Handbag

How To Organize Your Purse Handbag

1. Clean Your Handbag Regularly

No matter how great you are at organizing your bag, establishing a routine to declutter and restock is essential. Cleaning your bag regularly or at least once a week will allow you to declutter and do something with the papers or items you've collected. It will also provide you with time to replenish any things you need. So, make time in the morning or evening once a week to ensure your bags are cleaned, organized, and stocked.

Tips for Cleaning Your Handbag

1. Take everything out of your bag. Be sure to go through the pockets, and once everything is out, clean your bag by turning it upside down and shaking it over a trash can to empty any objects.

2. Sort everything into piles and put similar items together in one pouch.

3. Throw out any trash or items that you don't need. Throw things that need to be thrown away, like candy wrappers, expired coupons, or old things that need to be replaced.

4. Pack the most items you need, like your wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, and lip balm.

5. Use travel-sized items. Instead of carrying large items, opt for travel-sized ones. You may need to refill them often, but they are space savers and will make your bag lighter.

2. Use Organizers

The easiest way to organize your purse is to buy an organizer. You can use several types of organizers to put your things into. Organizer inserts are products that you need for your handbags. It is available in different designs, sizes, and colors. Below is our recommended organizer for organizing and storing the items inside your purse.

  • Use a Purse Organize Insert

You can use a purse organizer insert if you have little time to organize your handbag. Purse organizer inserts as great because they have compartments and pockets to store and organize your things. This is also a great option if you like changing your handbags frequently but don't want to take the time to organize every time you change bags. 

Purse organizer inserts are ‌lightweight and made ‌of a quality material with several pockets to store and organize all your things. They also help protect the shape of your handbag, and it's a brilliant solution for quick and simple organization. 

 Purse Bling Exclusive Zippered Purse Organizer Insert
  • Tech Portfolio Case

Keep your handbag in check and organized, and keep your tech gadgets in safety with a tech organizer. A handy tech portfolio is available in different sizes and colors and boasts a sleek profile that fits into most bags. Each case is created with slots, compartments, and pouches to store most of your valuable gears while on the go. 

Tech Portfolio Case
  • Zip Pouch

One great way to organize your bags is by using zip pouches. Zip pouches are great for holding those small items that may get lost at the bottom of your handbag. You can use these pouches to categorize things like storing your sanitizer, bandaids, pens, and medicines in one pouch, while lipstick and makeup in another. These will prevent you from rummaging through your bag whenever you need something.

Having everything organized and pre-packed in separate zip pouches will allow you to grab what you need and hit the road while keeping your tote bag organized. 

Zip Pouch
  • Mesh Pouches

Use a stylish mesh pouch to put an end to putting your beauty items at the bottom of your handbag. A fashion mesh pouch with a zipper will add security to your things and provide a view of the contents inside. Seeing what is stored in a special mesh pouch will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Mesh pouch comes in different sizes and colors, so you can choose one that fits your handbag and matches its color. 

Mesh Pouches
  • Card Case

If you want to organize the cards inside your purse, you've found it here. A sophisticated leather card and ID case with a chain that fastens to the interior of your handbag is an excellent idea. An ID case can keep all your essential cards in one place. It can also be a cute little thing to fold and keep your receipts and bills. 

 Card Case
  •  Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic bags are perfect for storing smaller items in your bag. Keeping your makeup together in one cosmetic bag makes things easier to find and will also help keep the inside of your handbag clean and organized. Use several cosmetic bags to store your items separately.

 Cosmetic Bag

Tips For Organizing Your Handbag

  • Create a system for organizing your purse so that purse organization will be easier to maintain, such as making a weekly purse cleaning schedule.
  • Use a slim key-chain to hold your keys and most used items like driver's license, debit card, or work ID.
  • Reduce the amount of makeup you store in your purse. Just bring the basics for retouching.
  • If you're using pouches to store your items, have a separate pouch for each set of items. You don't want to keep your receipt with your makeup!
  • If possible, append a few minutes each night to empty those extra items from your bag and ensure each item is in its home. This way, you'll be able to keep your purse organized and ready for the next day.
  • Another tip that might work is keeping a small ziplock-type bag in your bag and using it as your portable trash bag to collect candy wrappers, used tissues, and receipts. This will make cleaning your handbag easier.
  • Using a purse organizer insert to organize your purse is a great trick because it makes organizing easy, and you can make switching bags easy and fast.


A handbag is a must-have that almost every woman uses. It helps keep all the items we need on hand. Unfortunately, it often becomes disorganized and cluttered, making it hard to find anything you need quickly. Organizing your bags is easy. All it takes is time, effort, and creativity.



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